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Qiayz | RM Spotlight Feature

Welcome back to another spotlight feature, where we tap in with creatives and entrepreneurs to learn about and shed some light on their stories. Emerging artists are our focus and it's important for the Rooted Minds blog to celebrate their journey, so let's get started.

Music is becoming more and more an avenue for artists to test their skills against their business savviness. We are seeing more people benefit from the rewards of being independent and finding ways to take their careers into their own hands. To the I Am Root Brand, that is a good thing and we hope to be a resource to those artists navigating that part of the industry. Our spotlight this month has been vocal about her journey in the industry and we wanted to interview her to share her story and perspective.

For the month of January, we have another Valley music artist in the spotlight for our second feature of the month. This one is a pretty big name in the city and an extension of Hard Body Ent. - Qiayz. -

With songs that had crazy support in the street with #challenges and dancers taking to IG to make videos to her song "Spanq It" which is a song that we featured in our Emerging Playlist on Spotify and Apple Music this month -- --

Qiayz has been building a name for herself for longer than we know. There is a ton of respect surrounding who she is and her ability. Some could argue the best female rapper in the city. We aren't here to determine all of that, but hopefully, you'll learn enough about her to discover what we've learned, that she is good at her craft, dedicated, and confident.

Now for the, I Am Root connection/ backstory: We were introduced to her music from I Am Root Member Fransisco Phoenics during the taping of his podcast Rolling With the Rolling Stoner. From there she hopped on our Soul Good event at the Rebel Lounge in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then, we have been following and supporting her career online.

She is a beautiful young woman with a long career ahead. She is not only using rap and music to make a mark, but she is building a brand (LURQs) that is body positive and encouraging women to love their curves. Women are the backbone of our society and we stand with love and support for women. The I Am Root Brand is all about entrepreneurship and brands with a message, so be sure to follow and subscribe to her content, once you finish checking out this spotlight.


This story begins with third grade poetry. At the age of nine Chicago native, Qiayz (born Niquia Mays), knew there was something about her writing that set her apart from everyone else. - Carla Maldanado -

Take a listen to Spanq It by Qiayz

This high-energy song is ripe for the club, a party, a workout, or something similar. The beat slaps and really laid a nice foundation for Qiayz to get creative while delivering some solid raps. Take a listen, by clicking the photo above!

If you've listened to her music before, then you notice a sense of power and boldness in the storytelling. She raps with confidence and when she's on her signing tip, we get a bit of vulnerability. As she grows and builds, we notice fearlessness in her process. She'll drop clips on the gram, TikTok, or wherever. These may not be songs that end up getting released, but it's dope bringing the fans into the creative process. -- A freestyle here or a throw-away idea there allows people to comment and give an artist real-time feedback. Imagine, you start posting song ideas from your voice notes and one that you thought wasn't "the one" ends up getting the most love. That data is priceless! So for an artist to be able to get information directly from their consumer, is ideal and using your platform to post snippets or bring your fans in a little is a big help.

As lovers of music, we sometimes want to know more about the person who makes the music, or we want to learn more about their process. Qiayz has the versatility to turn people up with Spanq It or vibe out to Qoolin (linked below.) That type of ability coupled with consistency could easily have her labeled 'Favorite Artist' for someone out there. So we have a duty to get her back story and share it with the people. I mean, just glad we got to lock this in before she's too big for these types of interviews.

So, let's get into the interview where we learn about her artist mission, what role music plays in her life, and what she thinks is the biggest misconception about her.

Recent Releases

Been a Dub (Dub)

173 views • May 18, 2020 Provided to YouTube by DistroKid Been a Dub (Dub) · Qiayz


19 views • Mar 28, 2021

Provided to YouTube by DistroKid Toni · Qiayz


Rooted Minds Blog

Interview and Spotlight Feature

RM: Rooted Minds

Q: Qiayz

RM: How would you describe your mission as an artist? and Why do you make art?

Q: My mission is to use my voice for the voices that haven’t been heard yet. When I listen to other music sometimes the message isn't conveyed how I needed so I want to create that lane for others who may need to hear it said another way as well. I make music because music makes me whole and in order to be happy within, you need to recognize the things that make you whole.

RM: What role did music play in your life? What kind of music did you grow up listening to?

Q: Music is my whole life. I have an Afro latino background so I grew up listening to all types of spanish music from the 1920s to now. My mom worked at the top club in Chicago in the late ’80s and 90’s called Sweet Georgia Brown’s so her music selection was insane. We would listen to smooth Jazz a lot together and old Rnb classics like Marvin Gaye, Phyllis Hyman, Minnie Ripperton, Barry White, Luther Vandross and etc, to what was considered new age in her era like Anita Baker, Sade, Janet, and Mary J.

RM: When did you get into music? What was that experience like? — (were you nervous or excited?)

Q: I started writing poetry at 10 years old when I lived in florida, all the other kids would mostly be outside but I just found peace and enjoyment in writing about everything. Once I got to Phoenix in the 8th grade I began to recite my poems at the lunch table with friends and it later turned into freestyle. I honestly don’t remember the experience and what it felt like for me, but the reaction I got from my friends is what made me not only confident in music, but in myself and the power of my voice. I still get nervous when I perform for anyone whether it’s in private or in front of the crowd, but the reaction is getting is such a fair exchange.

RM: Do you have a personal Top 3 for your own songs?

Q: I have a song that went viral called “Pussy Eater” which I have a love/hate relationship, but it’s still a great song. My second would be a song called “Been A Dub” which is available everywhere talking about leveling up after a corny relationship, check out my video for that one but I just love the wordplay on that. My new favorite at the moment is a single called “Toni” which will be released this month, wait on it.

RM: Your song “Spanq It” went crazy on IG with the challenges, before Tik Tok became the wave for promoting music. How are you finding ways to stay ahead of the curve with getting music out to your fans?

Q: “SpanQ it” shocked me, shoutout to my boy Hurtboi for producing a banger and it is my first time working solo with him. I've always found a way to keep longevity in the game but genuinely being authentic by using the resources I have. I mean getting over 10 million plays in the MySpace days helped me keep a lot of supporters in my corner and continue to support me throughout the years. Most of my known music has fortunately grown from organic shares, which is a blessing.

RM: What’s been the biggest lesson that you’ve taken away on your journey? Has there been any influential people that have looked out for you along the way?

Q: My BIGGEST lesson to pass to the next girl who is up and coming is to FOCUS ON YOU. Everyone sees your light and will choose between 1,001 ways to manipulate or take advantage of you, but YOU AND ONLY YOU will find the way to protect yourself from the warfare.

I've been blessed with lots of influential people in and out of Phoenix, and names in places that I have aligned with who is speaking power into my name right now. I’m so grateful to have attracted and continue to attract my tribe in this industry.

RM: Entrepreneurship is always a great way to keep yourself relevant and keep your business skills sharp. What moves outside of music are you taking to build your brand and how is that going (i.e LURQs)?

Q: Yes! So not only am I working on my clothing line “Love Ur Qurvez” but I am also working on a men’s line and a home decor line. Right now I have launched my clothing boutique, and so far I’ve had great success, still growing a lot though. I also trade in the foreign exchange market on Forex’s platform which is a skill I’m so lucky to have learned and will forever utilize for the rest of my life. Another thing I picked up is CBD. But the most lucrative one I’m currently learning is Real Estate. I’m a sponge for knowledge, so the more I know, the more I make and the logic has gotten me to stay independent and full.

RM: What’s the biggest misconception about Qiayz?

Q: So far, people have told me that they thought I was short, I’m a tall 5’7 baby. I’ve also heard that I was stuck up, which I used to hate, and I’d try to explain that I’m not, but the older I get, I just realize I’m selective with who I take energy from and give mine to. I’m a very animated, but shy person, so if I come off as an asshole then please don’t get offended, I’m probably just analyzing your aura, which is important for my own sanity. I think it’s funny that people think that because my whole life I’ve been teased, or even chastised for “being too nice”.

RM: What are a few things you want fans and new supporters to know about you or take away when listening to your music or consuming your content?

Q: I want them to know I’m genuine about my craft and I love feedback. Correct me, push me, connect with me. I don’t want to be a statue people praise. I want to be an icon yes, but an icon with a connection to the people who want to use me and my platform to build and create from as well. I’m here to grow just like you. I’m no different.

RM: Is there any new music or projects on the way that we should keep a look out for? Then, we’d like to close with some advice that you’d like to give to an upcoming artist looking to find their voice, audience, and confidence?

Q: I have a lot coming this year, been planning for some months now I’m ready for this rollout!

For any upcoming artists, stay humble, keep using your imagination, never let anyone downplay YOUR ideas and YOUR visions, take criticism but never personally, collaborate with people because you never know who they know or where it make take you, or how it can help you grow. Find peace outside of music in case it stirs your spirit (I draw and cook). And lastly, follow me lol @qiayz

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We hope that this feature was insightful and helpful in introducing or re-introducing you to Qiayz. From poetry to rap, she's made progressive steps in developing her brand since 9 years old. We wish her luck on her upcoming projects, the building of her apparel brand, and more.

We linked a few of her videos below because they are too dope to not share. If you have a cool memory watching Qiayz perform live, then we want to hear about it in the comments below. Thanks to our readers for the continued support and we hope to keep bring dope features your way.

If you or anyone you know deserves a spotlight feature, then drop your information on -- We can not accept every submission, but drop your music and your story and if we like it, we'll reach out.

Check out some of her music...

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Qoolin (Official Video)

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Directed by Eye Am


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FuQ U Mean

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@Qiayz Featuring: @ybh.roc @wonton_daylon Video Shot & Edit by: @Questhegreat Clothing:

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