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EMERGING, a Spotify music playlist of local and emerging artists.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Rooted Minds and I Am Root Co. came together to put out a vibe list for the people!

Over 60 Songs + almost 4 hours of Music!

We want to share some music that we enjoy and we hope that y'all like the playlist as well. Not everyone on this list is local. We get that for some people, that may hold a negative connotation (but not for us). Many emerging artists are putting in work to make their dreams a reality, so our goal here is to collectively shout them out. So, let's support!

In the era of playlists, it's only right that we cook up something for our community; these songs we actually vibe with (includes groups like The Color 8 Band and The Mahogany 4). There are also some solo acts like Raquel Denis, whose voice is amazing and we've been following her for over 5 years now. We also have John Cornelio, an amazing person to keep up with in our community. We tried to keep our list diverse, with a good mix of people that we enjoy and that really go hard for their craft. So you'll see us mention, that throwing this on shuffle, will give you the best experience. Links to their pages will be provided below.

Photo by Melissa Zieske at The Rebel Lounge in Phoenix, Arizona

There's really dope music out here by people you may or may not know. Obviously we aren't going to be able to include everyone, but we hope to put you on to some cool artists. At the same time, we are open to more music and ideas about what songs to include. With music artists from LA and PHX, mostly dominating this list we believe there are some tunes in here that will help you get through the day. There are a couple of acts from NY and New Orleans, as well. So as the list grows, we hope to add more cities and regions into the mix.

Depending on your vibe, we think that it's probably best to hit shuffle and just let it ride. We have lyricists like Lewis Santana and his Vibe Lane family and young cats like JayWop, putting out great music. Then there's the multi-talented Producer/Artists like Pseudo, who has his own records on this list, as well as production credit for 30 Spice // Simply Damon's record. Some of these artists have a connection to the brand and some others have shared the stage with us, and some we just admire from a far. Artists like Sunny Kartel and Kap Bravado make the list with some weighted features from Mick Jenkins, and Skeme. We pulled a few high energy records by Zil, MxGriff, Don Eyo and Qiayz. We have a good spectrum of artists that will definitely clue you into the music scene that we are connected to. Everyone is doing their own thing and it's great to see.

Thanks for reading, now it's time to dive into the playlist! Drop some songs that you enjoyed from our list in the comments below, after you check it out! (We've also linked the artists' IG pages to their names) -- If you want your music in this list, scroll to the bottom for the link. Stay tuned for the next one.

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Don't worry, we have it available on Apple Music also -

We also have it available on Youtube

Please note 2 Niggaz by Jalopy Bungus was not available on youtube, so it was subbed for "Made Men" ft Belagamas a more recent release. What's Good by Res Lauren was not available on youtube so it was subbed for "Westside / real love" ft. Dela Preme.


The Water (Bonus Track) - Leewater

Get a Life - Dela Preme

Pressure - Lewis Santana

Eden - PK Tha Poet, Cofey, Jaywop

Tranquility - Chari' Joy

Yours Truly - Chari Joy

WTD - Samara Cyn, PK Tha Poet

Wayback - Leewater, Clevpro, Dom Root, JProtege

2 Niggaz - Jalopy Bungus, Yung Checo, SD Uchies

Blvd - J Buss

Long Thoughts - Fe'la Iniko

Teflon (from Red Bull's the Cut: LA) - Zil, Ye Ali

Pushaman - Ronnie Dijon, Kayla Reupenny

F.O.M.F - Fransisco Phoenics, Dom Root, Lewis Santana

Don't Let Go - Ventage

Social Awkwardness - P. Savant, Lofty Lyn

Suede - Dom Root, Leewater

No Sleep - The Color 8 Band

My Darlin' - Juniper Ridge

Forever - John Cornelio

Untitled - Raquel Denis

Melodies (Take Flight) - Theresa Lovely

Vibe Alone - Zil

Bitch I'm Back - Mahogany 4

Ten - Room 4

Bighead - Rozotadi

Goat Talk (Sugar Sean) - J. Rob the Chief

I Used to Love H.E.R - Truth B Told

Big Bad - Jaywop

Purple Interlude - Jaywop, Deliyonne

Die Like That - Kap Peezy, Rich Hefner

Motion - Darius Mylik, Kylelashay Draper

Im My Zone - Kap Peezy

Secure the Bag - Don Eyo, Yung Reece

Realer (ft. Pk tha Poet & Jenae Elise) - Dom Root

Sorry 4 Me? - Shrub Head, Lissett Denis

Drinking Holy Water - Stoneonsax, Clevpro, Part of God,

Pride - Dom Root, Cofey

Zu-Pa-Dé - The Stakes

RODEO - CincoTheWolf

Spanq It - Qiayz

Doctors - K.Y. Sluggah, M-Boog

With My Friends - 30 Spice // Simply Damon, Psuedocentric

Til I'm Dead - Pseudo

VBLN Cypher - Vibe Lane

Stxnd Dxwn - King Cross

6am in Phoenix - THEFonzarelliPROJECT

What's Good? - Res Lauren

Spring - Sunny Kartel, Mick Jenkins, Mallie

Never - MxGriff

Foolery - Wray, Khellyb, McShader

Headless Horseman - Nutter Tut

LLLLLL - Julius King

Virus - Dropout Kings

65 Songs - 3hrs 49min


In honor of the life of Jordan Groggs of Injury Reserve

1 Bonus Song by Injury Reserve - 3mins

Three Man Weave - Injury Reserve

We send our prayers out to the Groggs family, friends, and supporters. Injury Reserve performed at our 2nd Film Release Event at Phoenix Center for the Arts in 2014. Since then, we've kept up with their releases and watched their growth over the last 5 years.

From the groups social media 06/30/20: "REST IN POWER Jordan Alexander Groggs a loving father, life partner and friend. (6/1/1988-6/29/2020) link in bio for gofundme to support his family and services"

To support, tap the link below


Did you have any favorites from the list?

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Music is an important part of some of our individual lives, just as it is important to a community. Music is a great way to bring people together, amplify a message, express your feelings, or even help you sleep. It can be used for a lot of different things and for music lovers that is apart of the big appeal to it. The same can be said for creators, we all can have drastically different origin stories, but still end up loving music (differently). The YG fan is going to be different from the Maroon 5 fan (or not), and I think that's the cool part.

Dom Root and Trav The White have the "Let's Talk Traditions" podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify, etc. -- -- During episode 2 we discuss music and it's role in community, check it out and let us know what you think about the subject. --

If you or someone you know would like to be on our playlist, click and drop their music! We'd love to support more local and emerging music artists in our community.


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