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Danny Silvertone set to release a new album 'NOCTURNAL' on 4/19

Introducing Danny Silvertone: Unveiling the Soul of 'NOCTURNAL'

The Rooted Minds Blog is honored to present another captivating Spotlight Feature, illuminating the path of exceptional creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs as they ascend to new heights in their respective fields. It's a platform where we rejoice in the triumphs of our community members, cherished friends, and the remarkable talents we discover along the way.

In this edition, we delve into the enchanting realm of Danny Silvertone, whose forthcoming project has stirred a palpable buzz of anticipation. Danny graciously allowed us to showcase 'Risk it All' during our recent Live Show in Phoenix, Arizona, where nearly a hundred souls congregated to bask in the melodic fusion of R&B and poetry. We've got a snippet below and a link to the full song, check it out and be sure to follow Danny on social media --

Danny Silverton = DS
Interview by Dom Root

Take us through your music journey:

DS: When I was a child, I began private violin lessons and fell in love with classical music. When I became a teenager, I began producing music on my own and now in my twenties, I have the opportunity to record and play music live!

What's the name and inspiration behind your upcoming project?

DS: 'NOCTURNAL' is a collection of songs inspired by the nighttime aesthetic of Phoenix and Flagstaff Arizona. The project will consist of me opening up about some of the woes and pitfalls I've had in my personal life, along with some of the excitement I've felt with love.

What are you hoping that listeners take away from the body of work?

DS: I just want listeners to understand that they're not alone and that it's okay to enjoy the night.

If I was new to YOUR music, what are 3 songs from your catalog that I should listen to first?

DS: Risk It All, Lifeline, and New To You! I love those tracks.

Who are some people who helped make this process possible or helped you get it across the finish line?

DS: Schae and Colin over at Don't Blink Music Group have been phenomenal with organizing this project for me - I can't thank them enough.

For fun: How would you spend 1 Million Dollars? (You just can’t save any of it!)

DS: 1 MILLION dollars? I'd probably spend all of it traveling the world and eating all of the foreign dishes I've never had the chance to try before!

In Closing: Sharing the Night, One Note at a Time

As we bid farewell to this insightful journey into the world of Danny Silvertone and his forthcoming album 'NOCTURNAL', let us carry with us the profound reminder that amidst the darkness, there is beauty, solace, and shared human experience. Through his music, Danny beckons us to embrace the night, to revel in its mysteries, and to find solace in the company of our shadows.

Connect with Danny Silvertone:

Embark on your nocturnal voyage by following Danny Silvertone on social media:

Instagram: dannysilvertone


'Risk it All' is a beautifully written and produced record that has a level of openness to it. The vocals sit perfectly in the mix with the right amount of grit as it juxtaposes well with the industrial-style drum kit.

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