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NOCTURNAL [LP] - Danny Silvertone's follow up to INSOMNIA has been announced for August 16th!

‘NOCTURNAL’ is the follow up/ extension to Danny Silvertone's debut project ‘INSOMNIA’. NOCTURNAL will be released on August 16th per Danny's Instagram. The project will feature 10-tracks which he hopes to use for television and film.

Nocturnal combines the dark, ambient soundscape of ‘INSOMNIA’ with R&B and alternative pop sensibilities.

Danny gave us exclusive access to 2 tracks off of the upcoming project "No Patience" and "Summertime Lovin'." Both of these records bring something different to the table. The story telling and lyrics are easily digestible and the music feels nostalgic yet innovative. For Summertime Lovin' the crisp guitar sound and hip-hop influenced drums helps to support the vocals and enhance the overall vibe of the track (stay tuned for the breakdown towards the end). No Patience is a bit slower track but posits a story and emotion that many can connect to. The vocal melodies, flow, and delivery stand out the most to me in this track. I definitely feel like No Patience is something the fans and supporters will pick up on as the chorus is easy to remember and very catchy.

Since the release of ‘INSOMNIA’ -Danny has been added to’s roster of artists that will have their music pitched for T.V., film, and other media. We've been following Danny's journey for some time and we are very excited to witness the growth. We are excited for the project release and urge our readers to pre-save the album when available. If you are already familiar with Danny, leave us a comment below telling us your favorite Danny Silvertone song.


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