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N.M.E Academy | Spotlight Feature

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

There are so many different people in our community working to build their own platforms, businesses, organizations, and more. Our mission at the I Am Root® brand is to celebrate and inspire achievements in the emerging art and entrepreneurship scene.

Welcome back for another Spotlight Feature to extend our series on Entrepreneurship. This time we are going to connect with members of the Fitness and Training Community. In this interview we will gain perspective and learn a little bit about how they've been grinding through the quarantine season.

We are blessed to be in a time where we can create and build the things that we want. From art to business, we have access to the internet and additional resources that provide us with the information to do something about the things we want to change or know more about. We live in a time where if we put in the work, we get to see the results. Fitness Coaches, Trainers, Health Specialists, and others around the world are helping people reach their goals, enhance their bodies, and lead more healthier lifestyles.

Having a healthy balance of exercise is very important and we want our readers to be well equipped with the information and resources to make informed decisions about their futures. From music to business, we want to make sure you know exactly who the locals are, who can bring value to you.

Meet N.M.E Academy


N.M.E is an acronym for No More Excuses

This company is owned and operated by Alex Sanchez, Grant Simons, Tyra, and Raymond Patche II. (Please find their info attached at the bottom of the interview) These young people have built a team and they are putting in work daily to help their clients reach their goals with No More Excuses.







Check out their most recent video with team member Tyra going through some workouts that you don't need any special equipment for. Be sure to like, comment, subscribe, or book them to help you reach your fitness goals. I know that many of us make excuses about getting in shape. Hopefully this article helps to give you the confidence you need to take the next step.

They are getting ready to open up their gym, so we are just doing our part to shine a light on their grind. Hopefully some of our readers decide to tap in with them and help to keep this community growing and thriving. Health, Wellness, and Fitness are all extremely important things that many people take for granted. A lot of us prefer to wait until an occasion comes up to get in shape (i.e summer, a wedding, a vacation, etc.), but tapping in with some challenges and finding things that you can apply to your daily life, could definitely change a person's perception and help them stay consistent. We will link a few of their workout videos in this article for you to check out.

Our first experience with this brand is through the relationship of I Am Root® owner Dom Root's connection with Grant Simmons. Grant is an Inglewood, California native just like Dom and the two played football in the same division in high-school. In college the two connected at social events and remained connected over the years. We feel it's dope to see young black men putting in meaningful work in the community (even if it is 400 miles from home).



RM: Rooted Minds

NME: No More Excuses Academy

RM: Tell us about your journey to Health and Wellness? Where did the motivation come from?  

NME: Sharing a passion for health and wellness has made our journey worth every challenge we have faced. We strive to equip our clients with the tools to live a longer healthier lifestyle. Helping our clients reach their goals motivates us to continue to grow help others of all ages.

RM: What's been the journey trying to monetize your services? For people who are looking to book you or even your peers, would you say that "typically" they go into it understanding the cost or do you find yourself having to defend the value/cost of your work, at times? 

NME: In this highly competitive industry it is key to separate ourselves from any other competitors. Our staff is not only certified professionals but uphold specific degrees in exercise and wellness. The climate we have developed has caused current and new clients to understand how our services are priced.

Tell us about your company and the brand that you are building? What's your mission? 

- N.M.E. ACADEMY means No More Excuses. Our brand is not a gym it's a lifestyle. It's a new way to live your life, with no excuses. What is our man reason for not getting what we want or where we want? It's the excuses we make daily that keep us from becoming the best version of ourselves. Your enemy is your excuses. Our mission is to help individuals become better in life by using our platform in fitness. We want them to achieve their goals and become the best that we know they can be in every aspect of life.

RM: What's a big goal that you guys have for your brand in the next 365 days? 

NME: We want to stay consistent. Do a better job at scheduling clients, marketing and offering our services to a wider audience, and having our facility built the best for everyone to grow and accomplish goal they set.

RM: What's one piece of advice that you find yourself giving your clients or potential clients the most? 

NME: Have a plan of attack and break things down into very manageable pieces.

RM: In a profession where you are often the source for motivation, who keeps the motivator(s) motivated?

NME: A lot of self motivation, hunger and desire appreciating where we come from but not satisfied with where we are.

RM: How does your brand typically acquire new clients? What's the average lifespan of a client (how long does the average client commit to your services?)

NME: We offer our training through our linked Instagram business account and also through social events and marketing. We want our clients to reach their goals and continue to create healthy habits that keep them consistent with their new lifestyle. They are always welcome to come back and use our services whenever they need a new program or challenge and even motivation or coaching.

RM: With all that you know today, what advice or tips would you give yourself, if you were starting to build your brand today? 

NME: Take time to edit content and be more organized with the content we post and what we are promoting. My best advice this year and still is would be to "Control what you can control." A lot of times we rushed to put things out or just post content because we wanted to grow our brand and make big moves to make our brand get more recognition. It worked as we brought in more clients even when gyms were closed but we believe there's always room to get better so we don't make excuses we adjust to the situation and make better plans for next time.

RM: What is one obstacle that you didn't expect to run across, but feel like you handled pretty well? -

NME: Managing our schedules with our clients was a bit of an obstacle for us especially during this pandemic. We wanted to give our clients every open availability we could within the small time slots we had. We wouldn't cancel on our clients because we don't allow them to make excuses so why would we. If we are available, we are there, we prefer them to reschedule to another time, but not cancel the whole session that week.

RM: With Covid-19 impacting our communities, what ways have you guys been staying relevant or at least still providing value to your clients/supporters? 

NME: We offer great service throughout the day for our clients. We do our best to answer any health questions they may have for us and even provide inspirational messages for ones who may need help getting through their week. We do our best to keep everyone safe during this time by sanitizing our equipment while also doing our best to keep people in small groups or at a distance when training with us. 

Thanks for supporting our blog and reading up on the latest Spotlight Feature. It's amazing, the work that they are doing to build their brand and provide value to their clients. We want to continue to shine a light on the members of our community who are putting in work to make their dreams a reality. We know that you have plenty of options for content, but we think you for landing on ours.

If you or someone you know is looking for a challenge, looking to get in shape, or looking to stay active, then we recommend N.M.E Academy, run by some stand-up people that we are rooting for.


Check out more of their workout Videos!

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