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DiVoy'e | RM Spotlight Feature

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Content creators are the new pop-stars in a way. The DIY culture has really taken over the world in a fashion that leaves humans feeling more empowered and in control of their futures. From YouTube to TikTok, people are finding ways to build brand, community, and new revenue streams. Our next few interviews will feature emerging creatives that are also entrepreneurs. These stories are important to share as we navigate in new waters. With 2020 being the year it's been, so many of us are finding creatives ways to build and sustain their platforms.

Many of us watch or subscribe to a lot of content that makes us laugh, think, dance, cry, or sing. Much of that content inspires others to step into their passions. This kind of content gets us through rough times and the really consistent channels build a bond with their subscribers. So, we want to connect with some Content Creators, learn about their journey, and get some tips on how to build, stay consistent and stay balanced. The Rooted Minds Blog enjoys focusing on the story behind the artist and we are very thankful for the opportunity to connect with this one.

Part of our mission is to inspire others and continue to shine light on people who are doing the same. This feature is a young woman who has been through a lot and is using her experiences to show others that they can be great and they can provide value. DiVoy'e is an emerging Entrepreneur and Content Creator that we have to stay tapped in with.

We first remember connecting with her at our I Am Root® open-mic event at the Watershed in Tempe in 2015. From there our brands have been following each other since. It's always a blessing to be able to watch people grow and feel more comfortable with themselves. We hope to be a resource and a source of inspiration for Divoy'e and creatives like her.

Let's take a look inside part of her journey!

Check out this awesome reel from her youtube channel that she sent us to share with you all. We will link you to some of her products and services at the end of the article. Be sure to show love and support this emerging creative. A thriving community is one that uplifts and celebrates each other. The I Am Root® Brand strives to inspire community members to find and use their voice.

Let's check out her bio:

My Name is DiVoy'e (Dee-Vo-Yay) and I am a blogger/ social media content creator!

Although I am present on many social media platforms, my main focus for my brand (DiVoye INC) is Youtube! I've always been a very imaginative and creative person with an interest in media and the entertainment industry. In the beginning years of my journey I studied theater and dance, attended Indy Dance Academy, taking multiple acting and improv classes, I've studied acting in New York and Philadelphia and later traveled with a stage play performing in front of thousands of people all around the USA, but in my journey to create an image and name for myself, I have experienced a cycle of unfortunate and dangerous events that left me very scared and discouraged, about obtaining my goals. I later decided to start a youtube channel in hopes to fill the void and let out some creative energy. I posted my first youtube video back in 2011, and later decided to pursue it more seriously once I relocated here to Arizona. 


RM: Rooted Minds Blog

D: DiVoy'e

RM: How would you describe "what" you do? What is your brand's mission? 

D: I am a blogger / social media content creator whose brand is DiVoye INC, DiVoy'e (which is me) and INC (Incorporated )

With DiVoye INC my mission is to express myself unapologetically and be an example that it is ok to be yourself out loud and to not feel the need to fall into society's standards of how "THEY" think you should be or how "THEY" think you should look etc. By creating DiVoyeINC, I hope that by whole heartedly being authentic, open, and showing my vulnerability it will inspire others to accept their flaws and be comfortable being themselves while entertaining and spreading positivity in the process.

RM: Summarize your journey to becoming a content creator? Were you always confident enough to just get in front of the camera and go?

D: I haven't always had the highest confidence actually, in high school I was bullied very very bad and was always in a constant fight in the search for self love. One reason I pursued theater, I hated myself so much I just wanted to be someone else so started getting into acting. The act of portraying someone else was comforting to me in a way.  Making the decision to begin my youtube journey was actually pretty easy with my acting classes and the bullying I was not afraid of the camera or being criticized !

RM: What has been your greatest accomplishment so far in your career while creating content, acting, etc.?

D: I feel like my greatest accomplishment would have to be the opportunities that I've obtained BECAUSE of my exposure on youtube ! I am blessed enough to say I've had paid opportunities and brand deals all because of my personality and just being myself online, to me that is the GREATEST accomplishment and my biggest flex to say that companies are willing to pay me to collab with them solely because of my personality and who I am as a person  Im so thankful, I cry often about it LOL

RM: What's an unexpected obstacle that you've run into, that you ended up handling pretty well?

D: My whole social media experience has been an obstacle in its own, the fact that I am a woman in what comes off to be a male dominated industry I feel it is very hard to be taken seriously, especially while in competition with other women content creators who post more explicit content. I don't post explicit content but sex sells and its hard to get people to look past the outer image of myself and get to know me as a creator and to give me a chance to show what I have to offer and not just expect me to take off my clothes but by creating my OWN opportunities and my OWN platform I handle those situations by " NOT dealing with them all together" 

RM: What's your self-care routine, if you have one and if not what ways do you relax or relieve stress?

D: A huge stress reliever for me is working out, it really does help me with anxiety, meditation, listening to music ( I loveeee lofi hip hop) and hiking. Something about the mountains just gives me peace. Ill go up there Sunday morning, hike to the VERY top, and just sit up there alone for hours. I really love being out late looking at the stars and constellations too, that's one of my favorite things to do!!

RM: Which social media platform gives you the biggest return for what you put into it? What is your strategy for that platform?

D: This is a funny question because my priority is youtube in which I have 1.26K Subscribers BUTTTT  I haven't even been on Tik Tok For a year and I've racked up over 5K LOL People like to watch me do the funny dances but I LOVEEE to dance so its soo fun for me.

RM: What advice would you give your younger self, if you were starting all over?

D: Be yourself and be consistent!! Thats HUGE. 

RM: How is it finding balance between a social life, working a regular job, and building a brand (both pre and during quarantine)?

D: I find it's all about staying organized ! My planner is literally my life, and I don't know what i would do without SIRI LOL  ! It's important to keep yourself on a routine but you DEFINITELY have to be self motivated enough to do so. During the week I wake up at 4 am workout for an hour, shower, get ready ( hair makeup) film a video , get dressed for work, start editing , go to work for 8-9 hours , come home, edit all night, repeat. Sometimes I'll film multiple videos and that doesn't include filming for Tik Tok and learning the Tik Tok Dances

RM: What or who has been the biggest resource for information for you? Youtube University? A friend? School? 

D: I've been self taught from the beginning editing and all, just trial and error, but I'm currently seeking more information through youtube university about how to beat the algorithm, the internet and google algorithm is always changing and extremely challenging to figure out ! 

RM: On your channel you do a couple of different things. What types of content performs best for you and do you do anything specific to get your content to perform better? 

D: The content that performs best are usually the content where I'm doing something crazy or weird, Example mothers day I uploaded a video to my channel where I stuffed myself with a pillow under my shirt and vlogged my day undercover as a "pregnant woman" to get others' reactions ! Just funny entertaining content, surprisingly the videos where I am emotionally venting do really well too I feel there's so many inauthentic influencers viewers just want to watch someone they find relatable and that's where I feel I excel 

RM: [bonus] I notice a theme of Teal and Purple in your Youtube Thumbnails and a few videos feature this pretty cool two-toned back drop, are those your favorite colors?

D: I actually have lots of people tell me they love my backdrop!! I actually made my backdrop myself from a huge piece of elastic spandex I bought from hobby lobby! LOL you should see my apartment, it's literally like a filming studio, I have all my tripods lights  and filming equipment everywhere and mirrors where I learn Tik Tok dances LOL  I have a big wall set up with my backdrop and lights where I film Eat Sleep Film is literally my life but yes purple blue yellow and pink are my favorite colors ever !!!!



Thanks for supporting our blog content. We hope that you've enjoyed learning a bit more about DiVo'ye. Her journey is inspiring and her drive is commendable. Check out some of her content below and be sure to subscribe to her channel and drop all the likes and comments your thumbs can handle.


Hey you guys Thank you all for being very patient with me and thank you for entering my 1.2 K Versace giveaway Today is the day and the 1.2 K for Versace giveaway winner is announced!!! I love everyone so much thank you for all your support I really appreciate it and I am looking forward to more giveaways in the future thank you so much guys #DiVoyeINCGang Whats Up Yall Please Remember To Subscribe Comment And Share The Video Thumbs Up If You Likeyyyyyyyy

Reacting to “Ashton Vaughn Charles “ SKU Part ll

Whats up DiVoyeINC Gang So today I'm reacting to my good friend Ashton Vaughn Charles Sku Part II This was such a creative project that I was very excited to share with you all so we could all experience this BLACK EXCELLENCE together let me know what you all think in the comments and dont forget to like this up and SUBSCRIBE!! XOXOXOX -DiVoy'e

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