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Meet One Single Rose™ | 1st Place Winner for Let Us Vent Poetry Video Contest

Updated: May 31, 2023

Meet the winner of this season's Let Us Vent Poetry contest sponsored by @poetry.hype and @iamrootlifestyle

Queen Rose is a 2x Poetry Contest Champion with I Am Root and she always receives a large outpouring of support from her Detroit and mid-west family. Check out her bio and be sure to give her a follow!

Rosemarie Wilson a.k.a. One Single Rose is an award-winning poet and playwright, spoken word artist, singer, actress, filmmaker, author of three self-published poetry collections, nice and naughty chapbooks. Rosemarie is the first poet to be filmed in Motown’s infamous Studio A and the first Motown Mic Performance Artist of the Year. Debuting in Detroit as an actor, she has performed nationally and internationally in a few amazing productions. Her notable performances include singing the National Anthem at a Detroit Piston’s game, TMZ Live commentary cast member, SoFar Detroit performing artist, the Floacist’s Flovertex and Sidewalk Festivals of the Performing Arts in Detroit, MI, Kistrech Poetry Festival in Kisii and Nairobi, Kenya, Piton International Film Festival in St. Lucia, International Videopoetry Festival in Athens, Greece as well as a one-year tour in Europe. She is currently a featured artist and songwriter dubbed Queen Rose with Defected Records, the United Kingdom’s #1 house music record label. Find her streaming on all platforms as One Single RoseTM or Queen Rose. She is also the first poet published under the Broadside-Lotus Press merger, two of the oldest African-American presses in the United States. As a poetry host, she has hosted various open mics as well as performed for local and international dignitaries. For more information on One Single RoseTM, visit to peek into her rose garden.


Check out her poem, Curse Words from an Angry Black Woman


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