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Meet Sunshine Lombre | 3rd Place Winner for Let Us Vent Poetry Video Contest

Meet the 3rd place winner of this season's Let Us Vent Poetry contest sponsored by @poetry.hype and @iamrootlifestyle

This was her 1st time joining our poetry contest and we are super excited to meet this artist and follow her journey. It is so amazing to have the opportunity to connect with dope artists all over the world. Check out her bio below!

Chicago native Sunshine Lombré is a dancer & poet who specializes in expressing sensuality & emotional authenticity through her words & movements. Sunshine performs poetry and choreography throughout the Midwest Area while also curating seasonal artist showcases based around Black heritage. Sunshine strives to share her passion for Spoken Word and choreography while uplifting Black communities worldwide through teaching creative writing classes through “Poetry for Personal Power”, the Chicago Public Library system & other Arts Organizations. She’s been an opening act for Twista and has recently released her debut poetry album called “Fading Away."


Check out her poem, Living in Portable Caskets


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