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Meet Maniya Alise | 2nd Place Winner for Let Us Vent Poetry Video Contest

Updated: May 31, 2023

Meet the 2nd place winner of this season's Let Us Vent Poetry contest sponsored by @poetry.hype and @iamrootlifestyle

Maniya Alise is a 23-year-old Georgia native who is taking the poetry world by storm one performance at a time. She made her first appearance on the poetry scene in 2022 at Atlanta's Apache XLR where she placed first place in their poetry night competition. She expresses her art and her heart through the beautiful avenues of poetry. From a child, she's embodied a natural gift for the arts including acting and now behind the screen to writing. From TV screens to your local poetry night, be on the lookout for this next poetry star!

This was Maniya's 1st time joining our poetry contest and we are blessed to have the opportunity to connect with her. She is bringing new energy to poetry space with her storytelling and we look forward to connecting with more artists like her.


Check out her poem, The Turning Point

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