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Danielle Durack | Rooted Minds Spotlight Feature

Hello everyone, welcome back to another spotlight feature by the Rooted Minds Blog, where we connect with Artists and Entrepreneurs to learn about their journey and to celebrate the stories behind the brands and artist we support.

Music is the thing that gets me through so many of my days. As a creator, sometimes I sit at the keyboard and it feels like I am just spinning my wheels. But listening to music or reading an interesting interview could easily inspire me to get back to work.

I always enjoy learning about a new artist in our community and especially learning about the stories behind the music. This week's interview features an awesome woman here in Phoenix, Arizona who is crushing it on the music scene.

Photo by Eunice Beck

Artist Bio:



From the first notes of No Place, Danielle Durack begins laying painful admissions on the table. The Phoenix, AZ-based songwriter opens her private journal to listeners as she recounts the moments of sadness, longing, guilt, anger, regret, confusion, and loneliness that defined her most significant heartbreak. Perhaps the album’s most relatable, humbling confession is one that comes only two and a half minutes after the needle drops: “I just thought that I’d be over it by now.” “I recorded the album while grieving my relationship. It was difficult, but also cathartic and helped me heal,” she explains. “I was able to work through it in a very physical way.”

No Place traverses the full range of emotions around love and love lost, from hurting to healing, self-deprecation to self-discovery, and beyond. By the time the record reaches its end, it provides no easy resolution, arrives at no concrete destination, and raises as many questions as it answers—much like the experience of heartbreak itself. It can be uncomfortable to realize that where you thought you were going might not even be there in the first place, but Durack holds her head up. “Ain’t got no choice but starting over,” she plainly states as the final piano keys sound on “There Goes My Heart,” “So here I am.”


What I enjoy about Danielle's music is that it has some great imagery in the writing and the music often features some really beautiful guitar melodies and great sounding vocals.

Her latest creative releases are Broken Wings and Eggshells, but she is set to release some more content soon. Broken Wings, features some of that dope guitar and vocals that I mentioned before. The drums, the background vocals, and just about everything sounds so good in the mix. (You can check out the videos and music at the very bottom of this page.)

We've had the luxury of booking her for a Rooted Sessions Showcase at The Rebel Lounge for the I Am Root® Brand. She is a great performer and has an amazing spirit and we were blessed to work with her. (see videos below)


Rooted Minds Blog


Danielle Durack

RM: Rooted Minds

DD: Danielle Durack

RM: How's it trying to create music in 2020?

DD: It has been exceptionally difficult trying to write this year. It’s always hard for me to write when I’m in the process of releasing music anyways, but 2020 has come with its own additional challenges. I’m just now crawling out of a really bad streak of writers' block, and I think that all of the craziness of 2020 had a lot to do with it. It’s challenging to stay inspired when I’m unsure about the future of live music and the industry in general, and then all of the violence and deep rooted issues boiling to a head in our country, it felt as though my voice wasn’t the one that needed to be heard. Seemed like a good time to listen. So 2020 for me has been a big year of reflection and planning.

RM: What has been your journey to music? What's been your inspiration over the years?

DD: I’ve wanted to sing pretty much as long as I can remember. I think all kids sing, I guess I just never stopped. I started writing my own little songs in the 5th grade because my older brother told me that I needed to write my own songs if I wanted to be a “real musician,” (he was in 7th grade at the time). I’ve always looked up to him and wanted to win his approval, so I started writing songs.It ended up being the best thing I ever did; songwriting became an amazing outlet for me. Life throws you all kinds of stuff and it’s nice to have a way to process everything. It’s a kind of self care. That time alone, tuning into myself, seeing how I’m really doing, I don’t know where I’d be without it.

RM: When did you learn to play guitar and how was that learning process? Did it come naturally?

DD: I learned to play guitar very slowly. I can’t say it came super naturally, I’ve got some numbness in my left hand after an accident in 7th grade, which makes it a little hard, but I had the motivation to learn from watching my brother play for so many years. I guess I’m “self taught” but I’ve learned bits andpieces from many many guitarists in my circle of friends and the Phoenix scene. It takes a village, lol. I’m still not the best player out there by a long shot, but I can play enough to write and that’s where my focus is.

RM: Do you remember the first song you ever wrote and what it was about?

DD: I do remember the first song I wrote, the whole thing actually. It’s one of those things I probably won’t ever forget like a childhood friend’s birthday or my dad’s phone number. It’s called, “I Walk Alone,” and it’s about feeling isolated in my little world. It was just lyrics and melody and it, obviously, wasn’t great, but it definitely started something.

RM: What are your favorite things to write about and how has that changed or evolved over the years?

DD: My favorite things to write about are my emotions and the people that I love. My personal relationships take up a lot of mental bandwidth 24/7, and there’s always a lot to sort through there, so they end up being an endless well of inspiration for my writing.

RM: Who are some musicians, recording artists, or producers that you'd like to work with?

DD: I would kill to do a record with Justin Vernon, Nick Sanborn, or Matthew Healy/George Daniel. The list of artists I would love to collaborate with is far too long to share, but I’ll say the Boy Genius gang is very near the top of that list!

RM: What are some short-term goals that you are looking to accomplish and how can your supporters help you get there?

DD: My biggest short term goal right now is to get my new music into new ears! I’ve got an album coming out January 15th, and I would be so monumentally grateful if people gave it a listen and shared it with someone they think might like it.

RM: If you think back to all of your gigs, what was your favorite performance and where was it? Why was it so special to you?

DD: It’s so hard to nail down one specific gig as my favorite, but probably the Bashful album release show at Valley Bar. I was sick and my voice was trashed, but there was so much love and support in that room. Just friends showing up to celebrate, there’s really not a better feeling.

RM: What's your favorite venue to perform at and where is it located?

DD: My favorite venue I’ve ever played has got to be Codfish Hollow in Maqoketa, Iowa. It’s this barn out in the middle of nowhere but it brings in people and bands from all over because it has so much heart. Everyone there cares so much about the music and people, you can just feel how much care goes into everything they do.

RM: As we step into 2021 full force, what are some words of encouragement that you can give to other emerging creative artists?

DD: Keep doing your thing, and do it for you! Not everyone’s going to like it or get it, but for the people who do, you are a blessing. Keep doing what makes you come alive because that is exactly what the world needs right now.

Interview by Dom Root


Thanks for reading our interview, I hope that you learned something new about Danielle Durack. Let's all share and stream her music. If you or someone you know, should be featured by our blog, visit and send us something.

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Danielle Durack - Eggshells

380 views • Nov 16, 2020

Shot and Edited by Cole Pischke "Eggshells" Out 11/17 on all streaming services! Pre Order the forthcoming album "No Place" here: Pre Save: Instagram @danielledurack Facebook Twitter @danielle_durack

Danielle Durack - Broken Wings

2,109 views • Oct 13, 2020

"Broken Wings" is now available on all streaming services! Pre Order the forthcoming album "No Place" here:

Co-Directed Freddie Paul and Danielle Durack

Shot by Freddie Paul and Eunice Beck

Edited by Freddie Paul

Instagram @danielledurack


Danielle Durack live at Rooted Sessions Volume 02

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