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A2DaMoney | Spotlight Feature

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Welcome back to another feature by the Rooted Minds Blog, where we connect with Artists and Entrepreneurs to learn about their journey and shed some light on the various happenings in our community.

Our brand is big on being able to connect with other emerging artists and learn about their journeys. So many of us have very unique stories and approaches, so we believe that it’s important to highlight those moments and continue to put that good energy out into the world.

This next feature is via referral from KiddFriendly and we are looking forward to keeping up his artistic journey. We always mention how rich Phoenix is with talent and artistry and this guy is another example of that. In this article you'll get a bit about his journey and previews of his music.


A2daMoney started making beats on Garageband with an old Mac Desktop his uncle gave him. His passion for music started at a young age. Having studied piano and drums formally, the foundation for music was established. Listening to old records he synthesized a unique production sound using addicting drum beats and contagious melodies.




RM: Rooted Minds

AM: A2DaMoney

RM: What has been your journey to being in the field that you’re in today? (Artist, Musician, Athlete, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Creative, Etc.) What has been the most impactful lesson that you've learned?

AM: The journey has always been about learning and ways to reinvent yourself while staying relevant. Music is forever changing especially for a producer because sound is constantly evolving. The biggest lesson I've learned is that music is like surfing... the wave will always crash but there will always be more. So if you don't catch the first wave you can always gear up to hop on the next wave. I have never been surfing though...

RM: For those that may not know, how did you come up with the name or concept for your business, brand, channel, or project?

AM: In Highschool, I had a Football coach who used to say " A to the Money!' every time I saw him. My teammates would say it to me as a joke so the name was given to me. Shoutout Coach Tip!

RM: 1) Tell us about your inspiration behind an upcoming project. 2) What do you hope to accomplish and what do you hope people take away from it?

AM: My inspiration is to create and release new beats every other day on my Youtube in order to get more exposure and placement from an underground artist. I also hope that other producers use this as inspiration to keep creating, follow their passions and show the world what kind of sounds they are coming up with.

RM: What are some effective ways you've marketed yourself in your space and industry?

AM: Before COVID I spent a lot of time networking and hosting an Open Mic event that was MC'd by KiddFriendly and Dj Bayo. I was engineering at the Late Great Wildfire studios in Phx and recently I have been connecting with artists personally and helping with the creative process. My latest track Twilight featuring Dubeu was an example of how I've been creating lately. I met him at the studio and showed him the beat. He is so talented that he immediately caught a vibe and had the song done in his head so fast. We recorded the track in an hour and released it that night. It is streaming everywhere. My passion is producing. and creating real-life energy. Being in the studio with the artist is a great experience because it is not just an artist over a beat, it is a song that is created from inspiration.

RM: How have you grown in your field (entrepreneur or creative) in the last 5 years and who's been influential in that process?

AM: I had a lot of influential people in my life, especially in the last 5 years. Shout out to DJ Boom for showing me how to make beats within Pro Tools when I was in school at Howard University. I also learned a lot from everyone at Wildfire Studios and I did a brief internship at the late CBS-Entercom before they changed to Audacy. There was a super dope artist, producer, and engineer named StudioGod and he was in town for a week. Probably the most important connection I have made when it comes to mixing and getting things to sound clean in the box. Along with other experiences, those really taught me how to navigate the entertainment world. Do's and Dont's and I'm still learning to this day.

RM: What are some short-term goals that you are working towards, that friends and supporters can help you with?

AM: Short term I would like to grow my YouTube page and get some big underground placements. Stay consistent and make beats I love making. Definitely looking for that market and community that is focused on staying true to a dope trap sound that bleeds emotion.

RM: 1) What are one or two things that keep you rooted/grounded? 2)How do you practice good self-care or how can you practice it better (if you've been lacking in that area)?

AM: Making beats and taking the time to find new sounds keeps me grounded. Whenever you find that inspiration it is always a blessing. I can definitely spend more time connecting with my community and spending more time crafting the sound. It is a passion so there is always room to improve

RM: What are some words of wisdom or encouragement for upcoming creatives, entrepreneurs, or people in a similar situation that you'd like to share?

AM: Keep going. Do it for your purpose and be confident and proud of your work. Take all opportunities full steam ahead and you would be surprised at what doors can open.

RM: What has been the best piece of advice you have ever received in reference to your journey, career, and industry?

AM: Stay true to who you are.


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Thank you for taking the time to read our feature on A2DaMoney! We strive to be a platform that is dedicated to serving and rooting for emerging creative artists by way of media and events. Be sure to give him a follow on social media in order to keep up with his music journey.

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