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Jermell Powell | Spotlight Feature

Happy Holiday Season!

Welcome back to another spotlight feature by the Rooted Minds Blog, where we connect with Artists and Entrepreneurs to learn about their journey and shed some light on the various happenings in our community.

Our brand is big on being able to connect with other emerging artists and learn about their journeys. There are so many of us that have very unique stories and approaches, which is why we believe that it’s important to highlight those moments and continue to put good energy out into the world.

Jermell Powell is the new name on our radar for this week's spotlight. This was a familiar face around ASU's campus and closely connected to some of our favorite artists in the city like Truth B Told and Leah Marche to name a few. He's been on his grind for while and it has been pretty cool witnessing the growth from afar. We hope to learn a little bit about how and why Jermell does what he does.

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BIO: Jermell Powell, poetically known as AloneatiQ, is a spoken word artist from North Carolina. Performing for over a decade, he began his poetic journey and honed his craft in Arizona. AloneatiQ specializes in lyricism and wordplay, balancing his wit and sarcasm with a message. Although you should never count on predicting what he will say next, mental health advocacy is a relatively common theme in his work.

AloneatiQ has been a featured poet for the Maryland chapter of the New Leaders Council, and an Art All Night Artists Poetry Showcase. His passion for his creative side has also manifested as a spoken word host, IT specialist, podcast host, and tutor.



Jermell Powell

A Lone Highway Education

RM: Rooted Minds

JP: Jermell Powell

RM: What has been your journey to being in the field that you’re in today? (Artist, Musician, Athlete, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Creative, Etc.) What has been the most impactful lesson that you've learned?

JP: My artistic ear is due to my family. We listened to a lot of music, and I was exposed to different instruments growing up. I eventually gravitated to spoken-word, getting on the stage for the first time over a decade ago. I learned to be humble, find my lane, and be authentic.

My education business spawned from always being pretty strong academically, particularly in math. What I've learned as a teacher and tutor is confidence is so key for a student. Just being able to remove one layer of "I can't" can be an amazing catalyst and catapult to a new understanding.

RM: For those that may not know, how did you come up with the name or concept for your business, brand, channel, or project?

JP: Alone-a-tiQ is a name I earned as a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. As a spoken word artist, the concept still applies.

A Lone Highway Education is related to the poem "Bridge Builder," which speaks of accomplishing a goal and then turning around to fill the gap for those with similar goals.

RM: 1) Tell us about your inspiration behind an upcoming project? 2) What do you hope to accomplish and what do you hope people take away from it?

JP: I have been challenged to release a poetry book before my next birthday. The journey of continuing to write pieces that I'll stand behind years later is a fun one. I know I'll also gain an even greater appreciation for those who have released a project, or multiple projects, themselves.

RM: What are some effective ways you've marketed yourself in your space and industry?

JP: Consistency has been my best friend as an artist. When people see me, they see me give my best. And when people see me often enough, they see growth and a genuine love for the art and the culture.

Degrees, scores, and achievements give me credibility as an educator. Being a Black male with an aptitude for closing the education gap stands out. There are plenty of us out there, but we're still a rarity.

RM: How have you grown in your field (entrepreneur or creative) in the last 5 years and who's been influential in that process?

JP: My poetry journey began in Phoenix, and that scene is my biggest influence by far. In the past 5 years, I've been in Maryland and it gave me the opportunity to put the lessons I learned into action. When the pandemic hit I found a writing group and really locked in with creativity, and now on the east coast, I'm active, working on my craft.

My education company began 5 years ago. Having some experience teaching, being able to partner with organizations, and working with different ages and skill levels has just made that sword sharper as well.

RM: What are some short-term goals that you are working towards, that friends and supporters can help you with?

JP: My short-term goal is simply to keep working on becoming a better me. My friends and supporters are often creatives of different levels. Seeing them follow their dreams and continue to grow and achieve is motivational and inspirational to me. To them I say keep doing your thing, let iron sharpen iron.

RM: 1) What are one or two things that keep you rooted/grounded? 2)How do you practice good self-care or how can you practice it better (if you've been lacking in that area)?

JP: I stay rooted and grounded because I both was raised to be humble, and have plenty of reasons to be. I work to not let a challenge drain me too much because of the accomplishments I’ve had. I’ll enjoy a big win at the moment, and then eventually pivot to how I can continue to build.

As an introvert, mental resets are key in my self-care. Keeping the actual goals in mind, and prioritizing them as things that should be done soon and would be nice to do can help minimize undue stress. However, I’m a human and will not win every single moment of every day. Being patient with myself as I work towards the next achievement is a great thing I can do for myself.

RM: What are some words of wisdom or encouragement for upcoming creatives, entrepreneurs, or people in a similar situation that you'd like to share?

JP: It’s important to learn, study, research, and organize. But it’s also very important to just execute. You will learn a lot as you try, so don’t get hung up on perfection. By all means, learn from others, but don’t turn observation into envy or intimidation.

RM: What has been the best piece of advice you have ever received in reference to your journey, career, and industry?

JP: Some of the most traveled, accomplished, and decorated poets tell me they’re still nervous. I wasn’t told not to be nervous, I was told the day that I’m not can be dangerous. Just channel the anxiety and nervousness to be excitement, rather than scare myself out of giving my best.


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Thank you for taking the time to read our feature on Jermell Powell! We strive to be a platform that is dedicated to serving and rooting for emerging creative artists by way of media and events. Be sure to give Jermell a follow on social media in order to keep up with his business journey.

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