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2020 has been interesting, here's the Collective's 'Content 4 U'

We want to send out our love and well wishes to members of the community. It is our mission to inspire and be inspired by the communities we live in. We have some of the most resilient, ambitious, and courageous supporters. Be sure to be there for your neighbor and to continuously educate yourself about best practices for your personal health during this time.

With that in mind, I am sure that some of us are thinking, "Take me back to somewhere 2019 real quick!" All things considered, we are blessed to be present and alive. But even 2019 wasn't that pretty when you take into consideration the influences and lives lost during that year. Nevermore, 2020 is en route to one up. The stores are crazy, and the times are kind of interesting to watch unfold. Our prayers are with our friends who are financially impacted. Hopefully those of us can connect with local leaders for assistance. As well, hopefully the youth and elderly get the proper care, given the closing of schools, jobs, and other institutions.

Photo by Jade Brown.

We’ve had a few events this year that have gone extremely well. LUV week 2020 included a creative writing workshop where we connected with Spoken Word Artist Truth B Told. Truth was our guest speaker and he held a q&a and helped writers by going over some of their creative writing pieces. This event was held at Smooth Brew (Roosevelt), a local coffee shop and lounge in the heart of Downtown Phoenix in the Roosevelt Arts District.

We ended the LUV celebration with a collaborative event with Ashton Vaughn Charles, of the Color 8 Band. The event was a night of sax, soul, and synergy. It included multi-demential performances by Ashton Vaughn Charles, Stone on Sax, and Ray Flagg at the Rebel Lounge in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ray Flagg (left), Stone on Sax (center), and Ashton Vaughn Charles. Photo by Melissa Zieske.


Our blog hosted it’s Winter Poetry Contest and announced Tamillia, Brandon, and Daisy as the winners. You can check out their winning poems by clicking the links below.

And since then we've had opportunities to vend and connect with other local brands and their events. One of which was Truth B Told's CulturePHX "Artists Against Cancer" Charity Basketball Game Raising Funds for the Morris Alan Memorial Fund at the Talking Stick Resort Arena (where the Phoenix Suns and Mercury live).

Photo by Jade Brown.

Photo by Dom Root.

With the good comes the bad... We had an event that we had to cancel during LUV Week due to lack of ticket sales, but that is something that comes with the business, we were able to learn from it. The next Paint & Sip that we plan will be awesome. In March we had to cancel some dates due to Covid-19 aka ‘The Corona Virus.” Like many of you we are navigating precariously taking note of suggestions made by the CDC, State and Local Government, and Experts.. Hopefully through the end of it, we all can remain healthy, sane, and with work. We want to leave you with some things to check out and enjoy in your time of personal reflection and “social distancing.”


I Am Root Collective's Content 4 U!


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