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3rd Place Winner of the Winter 2019-2020 "Who are you?" Poetry Contest

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Meet Daisy, she recently placed 3rd in our Winter Poetry Contest for 2019-2020, where writers answered "Who are you?"

Bio: Daisha Torain also known as Daisy is a multitalented Poet, Stylist, Creative Director and Curator. Daisha is also an original member of the Hippy Trippy Collective and Personal stylist to music artist and composer Neru Thee Fourth Fugee. She is a Baltimore, MD native who has been writing poetry for a number of years but recently decided to openly share her art with the public about 2 years ago. To date she has participated in a number of poetry contest and open mic/spoken word events. She also has Styled and Creatively Directed for over 4 years continuing to cultivate and create.

Poem by Daisha Torain

Observing and questioning the outside will leave you seeking more searching more reaching for the internal door

Mid exploration your focus shifts

To something like

What the fuck am I doing here?

Wondering if I’m asking the right questions to get the right answers

Whatever those “right” answers are

Questions like Who am I?

In these shoes

On this concrete

On this street

In this intersection

In this city

In this state

In this country

On this planet

In solar system

In this galaxy

In this universe

In this dimension

On this plane

My brain is the lenses with the most optimal HD zoom

Wait who am I?

Something special I presume

Heyy to the one that burrows within

that hears and experiences alI that I do

It’s a simple question right?

Who is the person on the inside that makes up the outside

When you cry on the outside what’s going on with the you that’s inside?

Still echoing the words who am I?

in this seemingly infinite space with endless corridors

When seeking answers to this question I’m speaking to the essence

If you have the ears to listen to your essence she speaks

While deciding and discovering who I am

I want to leave mark

Not a carbon foot print

But leaving something with benefit

This world is going to shit but I still want to make an impression

My future is unlimited

My generations will thrive

With love knowledge and wealth

My personal desire is for my people to prosper as long as the earth lives

Who am I?

We are me and me is you

If you know then you know


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