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1st Place Winner of the Winter 2019-2020 "Who are you?" Poetry Contest

Meet Tamillia Valenzuela, she recently placed first with the highest scores from the judges for our Winter 2019-2020 Poetry Contest.

Hi! My name is Tamillia but my friends call me Tami. I’m originally from Aurora, Colorado but have lived in Arizona for 10 years. I am a mother of one to an amazing young man. You can always see me advocating for those around me and getting to know my community. As Diversity Chair for Arizona State PTA, helping to empower those around me and our youth gives me great gratification. Tamillia Valenzuela “🌻An inspired environment is a thriving environment 🌻”


Here is her poem!!

Good Girls

Growing up there was always an expectation.

An expectation of who I could be

Of who I should be.

Who am I?

Where do I belong?

You see good girls are not meant to be heard or seen, just simply known about for their good graces and pretty faces.

Good girls don’t back talk

Good girls make you feel good about who you are

Good girls massage your ego

Good girls tell you that you’re doing a great job when you’re doing none.

But see I am not a good girl.

I have a tongue that burns to give you the truth that everyone hides.

There is a battle that enrages my soul when I hear the words, why can’t you just be a good girl?

A good girl?

A good girl whose boundaries are constantly abused?

A good girl who’s silenced as you walk all over her?

You see I am a good girl but not for your same reasonings….

I am a girl who is good to herself…

I am a girl rejoices and loves

I am a girl who feels passionately and completely…

Who speaks honesty

Who is dripping with integrity

And for that I am not just good, I am great.

A great woman, because I don’t need to live by your definition of being a good girl.

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