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Writing Prompt Responses:

Hey Rooted Fam, here is one of our Favorite Responses from last week's writing prompt! Check it out.

La Ofrenda

It is my favorite time of the year, so full of life

I get to roam and live throughout the night

I hear the tales of the past, times so long ago

A journey back home, to see those I love

Tío Julio was a quiet soul, muy pensativo

Le encantó sus churros y tequila

Mi abuela she cared for her family

Her love, she showed daily

I put on my crown of flowers and my favorite dress

Tonight I want to look my best

With my crown of flores y mis zapatos

It’s almost here!

I imagine my mamá putting everything together

The pictures, la comida

Nuestras cosas favoritas

The candles to be lit, our guiding light

I’ll watch her from here, in her heart she’ll hold me

As I visit la ofrenda, I’ll feel her love

She’ll play my favorite songs

She’ll remember all my silly dances

Los colores, el amor y la música

La comida, los fotos y los recuerdos

We gather here tonight not mourn

Día de los muertos, our celebration of life has begun.

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