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Fascism Art Cynicism

We fight modern fascism and hate through cynicism and art

Where there are bodies we paint them


With glitter, and point at them and laugh

Film film

Post post

Make the spectacle a spectacle

This is because the powerful ignore everything but what interest us

So does the average person

So do you get the joke

And if we aren’t making our mistakes the biggest show then we are just a goose step away

Away from being fake

Accepting the lie

I mean we would be flat out complacent

And it seems all we have to do is accept the world for what it is and make a gross mockery of it

I mean don't pretend you like this world

grab a paintbrush you little warrior

Use spray paint to highlight the madness

Lest we forget we are evil men and women

This is why the dance has to be strange

The colors bright

The lights on

So people can see us dancing around the truth

And the truth is there naked shot bleeding

Decorated for easy consumption

Us reminding everyone it's immortal

And this show was for them to just look at the consequences ignored

For it is in those instances the artist earns their keep

In all others we are useless peddlers

With no true purpose

So as you can see you can fight fascism with art and cynicism

Point out America's war crimes at the same time say god bless us all

That's what art do

It highlights the madness of a country in its longest wars

Reminding us of the hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children we’ve killed to just to be safe

asking us to do something about it

Never once ever letting us forget our sins


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