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Aroe Phoenix | New Project/EP 'Veins'

Welcome back to my evolving interview series, this time we are back to shed some light on a recent feature’s upcoming release. We are very proud of the grind and progress and look forward to more from this artist.

It's been a little while since our feature on Aroe's first release '8:18' where she stepped into her own as a singer and songwriter while collaborating with some awesome artists and producers in her network. If you haven't already, go check that out. We've left some information at the bottom of this article for you to check out. But, we at least recommend that you check it out before jumping to Veins, the new project.

But as we step full force into 2021, Aroe has some new content for the people to enjoy. There is a new project coming down the pipeline, filled with new ideas and emotions. Check out the blurb below and tap in with the links to be sure that you are the first to know when it is released.


is a mini project composed of two tracks 'See Yourself' & 'Beautiful Demise'. This album addresses my battle with addiction, self-love, heartbreak, and reliance on God.

RM: How did you come up with the title for the project?

AP: One thing that has remained exactly the same in me is the blood that goes through my veins. Everything else; my mind, body, soul, and spirit have all undergone huge transformations and I am still continuing to evolve everyday. So the title is in many ways a reminder to stay grounded but to also enjoy every part of the journey in self-discovery.

RM: Are you planning to release any visuals to the music that you have put out so far?

AP: I am in the process of creating visuals that should be out fairly soon!

What's one of your music goals for this new year?

AP: I would love to collab with another artist this year, but other than that it would be cool to reach more people with my music


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