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09/25 Writing Prompt Submission: Bee Henry

Here is one of our favorite responses from this weeks, writing prompt! Keep sending in your responses to have your pieces featured on our blog.

I always see the The birds flying high in the sky, but I always wonder Will we as humans divide by the times? The weather as we know it may seem to be intriguing, with blue skies in one region and bright eyes in another as they witness red skies. The wind’s Dryness illuminates the air as we walk around holding down our hair. Does everyone know how our weather forms? it send particles into the sky depending on the times. By times, I mean that in these ones in particular, the rainforest is burning sending constant smoke particles high into Indonesian skies. Little do us Americans know, it will affect us sooner than later, so please help Mother Nature. If we have no trees or ozone layer, the weather will be bleak and we may seize. Seize to exist, much like a world on mars. Dry air, constant heat, I told you it’d be bleak. So you see, the weather has many degrees and layers, please be cautious, Mother Nature is exhausted.

- Bee Henry 2019

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