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Ian Marley

Here is a short-story I wrote back in 2012.

One day around January 5th, in 1999, a drunken person walked into the fanciest and most prestigious casino Las Vegas, Nevada had to offer. This person was twenty years old hitting on a twenty-one year old female cards dealer. Eventually the person would be thrown out, fortunately for him, without any police involvement. As he was being thrown out he uttered to the female cards dealer “I do and you will”. No one knew what that meant not even the cards dealer. That statement sat in her mind for much longer than she expected. Was it his drunken flirtatious charm? A few months later, he soberly returns as a twenty-one year old man in search for the female cards dealer. As she sits in the lounging area on her break, he approaches her from behind and blurts, “I do & you will”. She jokingly cries, “Security!” They laugh and 6 months later around October Ian Marley proposes. Now their story reads Ian Marley is engaged to Heaven Holmes. They were set to be married June 2000. “He did and she will”.

Ian Marley is a tall Jamaican and British man. Ian has a muscular build and a skee-bald head. Ian loves listening to music, exercising, playing football and writing for LV-Haps Magazine. Heaven is Belizean and descendent from the Philippines. Heaven is a about five-foot-ten-inches tall with beautiful brown hair. Heaven has a decent body not to athletic, not too skinny, and not to thick. Heaven loves to read, design/predict new fashion trends, and watch football. It is easy to see how the two eventually matched up.

Late September in 1999, a story surfaced from the east coast that a terrorist attack on the Statue of Liberty has left 2,000 US officials dead and 1,000 severely injured. Furthermore, as the story unfolds, it has been said that no real damage was done to the intruding ship. That ship began to fly away, back to where it belongs. Before it reached its destination, it was blown to pieces by the US Air Force. Consequently, some strange individuals that were affiliated with the intruding spacecraft secretly declared war on who ever destroyed their ship and killed their friends that were inside, at least that is what the reports read.

It was later reported after tracing the intruding ships flight pattern that the individuals inside of the spacecraft were Snamuhs from Pluto. After more research, it was concluded that each Snamuh was about 5’10 in height and built like a supermodel. They were not identical to the traditional idea of aliens they were gorgeous beings. Virtually, anything a human desired of another human could be present in the various aliens. It is safe to say that the aliens were appealing beyond our wildest dreams. Except the fact that they were cold blooded, they had humungous hands, and they suffered from a severe case of halitosis. The Snamuh aliens can pick up a language fluently just two minutes into a conversation with someone speaking a different language. How this information was initially discovered remains unknown, but these were the reports. Some reports were trying to tie the approaching new millennium with the alien terrorists attacks. One report said, “They’re swapping out humans for aliens for the new millennium”. Those reports lead to allegations about the world coming to an end. The world was at an uproar. Everyone was afraid of the approaching new millennium.

A month later, it was time for the world to take action against the aliens on Pluto. The Force, a brutal specials ops army that has the power to draft civilians in event of a massive crisis or world/nation threatening emergency, declared that they were going to prepare a draft to compose a team of civilians and military agents to defend the nation against aliens. The Force feared that the aliens were gathering up their team to massively invade the earth. The world attempted to muster up and unite troops to protect different sections of the world. Ian Marley was drafted. Heaven was devastated because they only heard a few things about the actual status of the September occurrence. Ian and Heaven debated about fleeing the country, however they feared he might be drafted somewhere else as well. They had very little time to ponder, because the day after he was drafted a few individuals from The Force came by to pick him up to prepare him and others for relocation as well as training. Because Heaven was not his wife yet, she was not allowed to know some confidential information. So, Ian went off to be prepped for combat. While Heaven stayed home worried.

For the next four weeks, Ian wrote letters. Heaven replied to the P.O box return alias address. Sgt. Moss is a prideful man from Manhattan, New York. Sgt. Moss was about five-foot-seven-inches tall and he was ripped, all muscle. He unfortunately got the butt end of The Force’s distribution of power appropriation. He was given command over west coast operations. Sgt. Moss hated the west coast. He hated the Lakers, Clippers, Diamond Backs, Dodgers, Raiders, Chargers, Cardinals, Seahawks, UNLV Rebels, Boise St. Broncos etc. If it was not about New York or anything on the east coast, then Sgt. Moss hated it. Sgt. Moss for some odd reason liked Ian Marley. Maybe it was his experiences with Jamaican people back in New York. Nevertheless, the two created a sort of bond that allowed Ian to move up in the rankings, which at the time appeared to be a huge perquisite.

Anonymous information determined that the Snamuhs were building something massive on their planet that would eradicate all of the human population. The Force decided to act fast and began deploying Force agents to Pluto. Of course, since Sgt. Moss was the butt of all jokes and the least favorite of the top tier force commanders; his command post was one of the first ones to be deployed. Due to Ian Marley’s relationship with Sgt. Moss he moved up in the rankings quickly. Unfortunately, for him he was given a top position that made it crucial that he be deployed with the rest of the west coast force agents that were going first. Heaven feared for his safety more now than ever. Ian was torn to leave his fiancé.

Once the force arrived to Pluto, they were in-aw, about how beautiful this place was. They liked the way the sun set and how bouncy the ground was. They immediately acknowledged a few similarities between the two planets. There were parks, car-like entities, and forms advertisement in select locations. There were even homes that were based thousands of feet below ground. It was reported that they built homes underground to remain hidden from potential spies and entities from other planets. It was also reported that it made it easier to fly aircrafts around and the rays from the sun would not harm their skin. Force agents were given strict rules. One, do not interact with any alien civilians unless otherwise notified. Two, neither use alien hygiene products nor eat alien food/beverage items. The Snamuhs immediately found out that the humans had arrived and sent out flying drones to attack. The drones were fierce and they were like nothing The Force has ever seen before, but nothing they could not handle. They fought back with their hi-tech weaponry.

After thirty minutes of combat, the humans prevailed and invaded a set of Snamuh homes underground. They used these homes as their base. One of the homes invaded belongs to a woman named Hellene. Hellene visually reminded the humans of a Paula Patton replica. With giving her human made breath-mints and them drinking a few brews, she was really Paula Patton. Hellene was an anti-violence activist that refused to leave her home. The commander in charge of securing her unit was Ian Marley. Ian found a way to secure her unit and allow her to continue living there, because she vivaciously refused to leave. He felt it would be a good disguise to allow certain Snamuhs to continue living in their units as long as they were going out daily and bringing Intel back to the humans. This way they could remain incognito and still be progressively focused on the mission. The Force’s phase one of the missions was now successfully in effect.

More weeks had past. Hellene started to develop feelings for Ian and Ian for Hellene. It was a sort of feeling that had potential to grow. However, at that time it was not very serious. It was just a deep interest developing. Hellene would go out daily and come back nightly with information about what the Snamuhs were planning to do once they found the humans. Hellene would debrief the group of her findings. She also brought back confidential information about planned attacks on earth. Hellene had insight information. One of her close friends was in the Snamuh army. Her friend was a homosexual male and the two gossiped on the daily. Thus, Hellene had access to anything she could drag out of him. Phase one of the mission appears to be successful at that point.

One night Ian was up preparing for the next day’s attack. It was the most stressful part of the mission they were now going to make a move to shut down and take over Pluto. So, he was up going over information. Hellene was up and around. She was generous enough to bring a cup of the Snamuh version of what would be coffee to humans. Unfortunately, for him, he would later find out that, drinking that cup of coffee will give his body a defect. This defect made his blood type and body type compatible with both Snamuhs and humans. Ian Marley would become part human and part Snamuh. A few people in the force experienced this throughout the whole mission.

The same night, Hellene and Ian snuck off. Ian needed to “clear his mind” before going into combat. They were walking around their protected underground areas. They were enjoying the subtle smell of hot dirt. Ian began to say, “I’m not cut out for this stuff; I am just a writer”. He thought he would be best covering a story on this event rather than being the story. He later went into detail about his engagement with Heaven. He was getting really emotional about missing his fiancé. Hellene was surprised because she had seriously developed feelings for Ian. Ian could tell her discomfort with the subject and they ended their walk for the night.

The next day, Ian woke up bright and early with a excruciating smoker’s cough, it sounded horrid. He just ignored the cough and proceeded to begin the mission. The force began to put their first plan in motion. All of the different teams took position. When the clock hit 06:00, they hopped out of the tunnel and began an illuminating display of blood producing fireworks. After every explosion, blood and alien guts splattered everywhere. Force agents were getting their faces shattered by the humungous hands of the Snamuh aliens. The aliens had no idea that the force was going to attack. Therefore, they were ill prepared and easily taken over. The top commanders of the Snamuh army were captured and tortured. However, The Force did not get the answers they were looking for from the aliens. So, they kept the aliens in captivity.

The force allowed the harmless civilians to live their natural lives. All others were held in captivity. Because the leading Force agents were from the US, it was only befitting to allow the US to decide what to do with the Snamuhs. While America was in the process of deliberation. The Force agents in Pluto were to remain there, facilitating the planet as US territory until further notice. Weeks passed by. Now months passed them by. Next, thing you know it was now June 2003. The agents had settled into the Pluto life style. Some agents broke their two main rules, consequently defecting their bodies, and becoming part Snamuh. Some agents got aliens pregnant, creating half breeds.

By this time, Ian and Hellene’s feelings more than quadrupled. They had even almost made it to home base. But, of course that was not a part of the “mission”. There were reports that the US will finally be coming to a conclusion on what to do with Pluto and the aliens on it. This appeared externally to be good news for Ian, and horrible news for Hellene. On the better side of things, this was extremely superb news for Heaven, who has been patiently awaiting her lover’s return.

The date was finally set for return July 4th, 2003. So as Ian and Hellene’s time together was decreasing. Feelings began to grow even thicker between the two. They feared that they would never connect again. It moved to the point where Ian and Hellene made passionate love one night. Unknowingly they did not notice that Sgt. Moss was patrolling the area and spotted them making love. But, it did not matter because Hellene was in love. Ian was confused. Heaven happily believed that her man will be coming home soon. Heaven had called upon family and friends to throw Ian a surprise welcome home party. She went all out. It was a casino theme, to show appreciation to where they first met. She ordered pounds of fish and seafood. She ordered an ice sculpture. She was so happy for Ian’s success she just wanted to celebrate. She spent almost $3,000.85 in preparation. It’s safe to say she was happy.

July 3rd, 2003 Hellene was pregnant. She was not “oops I think I’m pregnant” pregnant. Hellene was “I think my water just broke” pregnant. Because Ian’s blood type became compatible with that of Snamuh’s he was subjected to the same reproductive laws of nature as Snamuhs. It only took a total of nine and a half days to produce a Snamuh baby that is ready to be born. On the ninth day, the belly just swells up out of nowhere. On the next day, the baby will be delivered. Hellene was on her ninth day and July 4th, 2003 was the date she was to deliver her baby. She did not feel comfortable telling Ian so the night of July 3rd 2003 Hellene was nowhere to be found. Ian was skeptical about the disappearance and went out to search for her. He was unsuccessful. Hellene was incognito.

July 4th, 2003 it was reported that Hellene checked herself into a Snamuh hospital. Sgt. Moss found out she checked herself in attempt to deliver a child. Sgt. Moss was not sure if he should tell Ian. However, he knew that at 11:00 every Force agent that was left will be flying back to Earth. He did not want to add more stress on Ian. However, he knew that telling Ian was the right thing to do, so he did. Ian was torn to pieces. He knew about his blood type situation, so he was not emotionally affected by that. He was hurt by the fact that in a few hours he would be leaving behind his offspring. He knew about the plans the US had for Pluto. He did not want his child to end up being a slave to the planet Earth. The US was going to enslave all Snamuhs, forcing them to work on plantations to produce all of the Earth’s energy. Maybe even all humans to buy personal slaves. So, in his head, Ian was having thoughts about getting Hellene and the baby to the planet Earth where they would be safe. However, then he’d realize he was engaged to Heaven and it would stir up so many more issues. He was also concerned about the issues it would cause for force agents. He began to realize there was no time for that. It was either he leaves or he stays. He would reflect on the love he had for Heaven and how their story developed. He loved Heaven. Then he would go on to reflect on his history with Hellene. He saw only one reason to stay and that was for his offspring. He could find numerous reasons to leave but none of which outweighed the effects of tending to his child. What would Heaven do? Ian Marley had a serious decision to make.

As the ship was loading, Ian was drying his tears as his mind persisted to wander. Last call warning sounds were being rung. As Ian was headed to his cabin space, he stopped and stood with a confused and irritated stare. It appeared as if he lost his car keys or that he pooped his pants. He immediately turned around and headed for the exit. However, the doors were closed. He pleaded to be released. It was too late. The ship took off and headed towards earth.

To be continued…

By, Dominique Sir’ Charles Flagg 2012

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