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3/5ths, a Poem by Dom Root

Who do we call?

How do we fight?

When no matter what we do,

They claim that, it ain't right.

They make it about the flag

to say we breaking the ruse,

but we just trynna stay alive

and not end up in tombs.

Take ya finger off the trigger, man

so that y'all can't shoot!

We got to put pressure on the system,

til we bust through the roof,

and keep our voices unified,

so we speaking in tune,

keep these voices amplified,

so its reaching the youth!

What if the red on the back of the bullet belonged to you?

They ain't about to check ya tag,

they just ready to shoot!

If you still consider me 3/5ths of you?

Then, we gone need a price check one 2!

Nip this tree at the roots!

80 proof my liquor

3 whole 5ths for the crew

We pour up in the night time,

For the ones that we lost,

Black Bodies with targets on em,

But how much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

Dom Root - 2020

Provided to and performed for the SKU project, to be released soon. Special thanks to Ashton Vaughn Charles for the opportunity. Another thanks to the Phoenix art community, specifically the ones on this record or who played a role in bringing it to life.

verse 16 bar option 1 - dom sku -dom
Download WA • 5.11MB

*** If you've made it to the end and want to hear the un-edited, unmixed version performed, download the file above. Let me know what you think and be sure to check out the whole SKU project. ***


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