To a king

Dear Chadwick Boseman,

What a time it has been to see you thrive on television. To see you uplift characters in such a way that humanizes, and humbly glorifies, something I cannot say I’ve seen before. It has been a pleasure knowing you in such a way, to see you give so freely of yourself, to your craft + audience alike. It’s so nice seeing other people say good things about it, it means that I too could see the goodness in your heart, the gentleness in your eyes, the dare in your smile.

You lived on purpose. Gracefully allowing people to see themselves in a way we could not see ourselves before. You willingly loved with your heart in such a way that gave us hope. You selflessly put yourself on the line time and time again because that is what a king does. I hope in the time that you were leading us that you took time for yourself. That you rested well, spent valuable time with loved ones, and forgave yourself for every past mistake and mishap, I like to believe you did. You truly exemplified the best in people. You were tender and kind and you knew that life was bigger than you, so you rose to the challenge and the crown fit. I hope I can be half as human as you!

Thank you to King Chadwick Boseman

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