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Restarting a morning routine

I had Covid at the beginning of August. I was fully vaccinated and was taking all the safe precautions to keep myself protected and yet, Corona still got me.

Having Covid was honestly a little scary, I had minimum symptoms, loss of taste and smell, congestion, headache, and some gut problems, but the whole time I kept thinking of all the bad stories I’ve heard about. Covid cases. Death rates rising, contraction rates increasing I was really concerned for my family, friends, community and for myself.

Something that helped me get through the tough 10 days was consistently meditating/gratefulness, journaling and stretching. I have a pretty good morning routine, however it was not consistent, for 10 days and still today I do these things that prepare me for my days, good or bad, sometimes it’s really just perspective.

  1. Meditate + gratefulness. As a believer I begin to really meditate on the word daily. I started to seek things in my life that I was grateful for, small and large things, and each day I made sure they were different. It brought a lot of joy to do these two things.

  2. Journal. I love journaling and it’s something I’ve always practiced but now do everyday. Sometimes I wrote about my feelings, or I’m writing down scriptures, other times I tried to remember my dreams, or created list. Each day was different and helped me ease any anxiousness I was feeling in the morning.

  3. Lastly, I stretched. This part wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Some days I was fighting it because I just didn’t want to get out of bed. But I knew it would be good for me as much as the rest was. So I moved my body every morning and I’m still doing it. Sometimes it was for 5 mins or 30 either way I moved.

These habits not only helped me during Covid but have really aided me in preparing for my day. It is now apart of my morning routine amongst others. What is your morning routine like?


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