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Blue Blazer Pt. 1

Several days of being single, Mel decides that he wants to go out to a club tonight. He calls up James, a friend from LA Fitness, who is busy and cannot go out tonight. He calls up Ryan, a coworker, who is also unavailable for the night. As a last resort, he decides to call up Daniel, who works in the IT department at his job, and even Dan has plans for the night. Out of options, but still eager to have a good time tonight, Mel calls up to Club 51/50 to order a table with bottle service, sine he hates standing in lines and crowded areas.

“How much are the tables tonight?” Mel says.

“How many in your party?”

“Just me for now, I just need a table. How much is it?”

“Six hundred”

“Okay, please reserve one for Melvin Chaps”

Mel heads to the mall, to pick up a new blazer. He’d always worn blazers in the past, but never one like this. It was a midnight blue slim fitting coat, priced at $149.99. While walking back through the mall he spots his buddy James, who is walking towards the movie theatre with a woman that was gorgeous. She was about 5’7, smooth brown skin, fit build, and a little curvy. She wore a shiny rose gold watch, that had to been a Nixon or a Fossil make. Mel had half a mind to go over and speak to the two, but thought it would be awkward and proceeded back to his car.

On the way home, he turns to the R&B station, a commercial ad for Club 51/50 was ending and he happened to hear that Iggy Azalea was going to be at the club. He stops at the gas station for gum, five hour energy, and condoms. After getting gas he heads home to start preparing for the night. He laid out his blazer on the bed next to his gray slacks, he pulled out his brown leather sperrys, and his silver Fossil watch. He hops in the shower, gets dressed, and then heads out to the club.

At the club he skips the line and is escorted to his table. He sits there alone, looking around the club, hoping to make eye contact with someone, and waiting until midnight to order his bottle. Midnight rolls around and the club is packed, Iggy has her table directly across from his and there are dozens of people trying to sit with her. Mel happened to see a woman that caught his eye and also looked a bit familiar, he looks the woman up and down and up again. Before neglecting the idea of having met this woman he notices her wrist. It was brown, slim, and home to a rose gold watch. He waives the waitress over, and sends for her to send over a drink to offer the lady a seat at his table instead of standing against the wall. As the waitress approaches the her with the drink, she smiles at the offer and looks around to see where it has come from; the waitress points in Mel’s direction and whispers into her ear. She nods to dismiss the waitress, takes a sip of her drink, and heads to the bar to speak with a bartender. After, she turns and heads over to the table.

“Hello, I’m Sammie, thank you for the drink”

“Sammie, I’m Mel, please have a seat”

“uhm, sur-”

“Are you here alone?”

“Sort of”

“Not sure what that means in english, ha, but please have a seat, I’m here alone”

“Thank you”

“Where did you grow up?”

“Right here in Downtown, LA. What about you?”

“I’m from Vegas, I went to UNLV, and got a job in LA after I graduated.”

“I graduated from a fashion school down the street from UNLV”

“That’s interesting, ha”

“What’s interesting about it?”

“I use to date a girl that went there.”


“Her name is Sandy.”

A look of surprise ran across the face of Sammie.

“Sandy was my best friend, I think I remember hearing about you”

“Oh yeah? What did you hear? How is she doing?”

“I heard, well this is embarrassing on my part”

“It’s okay, I won’t be mad”

“Oh trust, you won’t be mad about this”

“I heard that, you were good”

“Like a good guy?”

“No, like good in bed”

Mel smiles from ear to ear, at the comment. The thought of Sandy brought joy to his heart, as she was one of the first women that he ever fell in love with. It was sort of awkward knowing the woman he has been undressing with his eyes all day was the best friend to his ex-girlfriend. But, he remembered the long nights studying with her and the highlights of her relationship, but it was lost in the fact that she cheated on him with a guy from her home town.

“Are you seeing anyone?” he asks.

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