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Lewis Santana | RM Spotlight Feature

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

We are back with another Spotlight Feature, this time with a brother who has been putting in work in our community both on and off the mic. His music style is incredible and he could be easily considered one of the top rappers in the city. His lyrics definitely claim that title for him and his clan Vibe Lane. And to give even more credit to his pen, he placed 3rd in our Spring 2019 Poetry Contest -- you can check that out here -

Shot by Melissa Zieske

This man has shared the stage with some amazing people and he has been putting out dope music over the years. A few of those times, he's brought the Santana Way to I Am Root Events. Fans love him, other artists rock with him, so it's safe to say he's one of the cool people out here to link up with. If you haven't figured it out by now, this interview is about Vibe Lane's very own, Lewis Santana.

Now, if you don't know Lewis Santana or barely just found out about him, then this article should help you connect some dots and provide a little background. This guy's music is incredible! It's thought provoking and his flow is always in the pocket. His overall rap style is really polished and mature, something that true hip-hop heads could get behind. If we had to recommend some starter songs for you to check out, it would be Pressure and 100 Bandz. Between those two tracks you get a good balance of versatility and lyricism.

Make sure that you check out his single below!



He is set to release a 3-track EP called the Island to cap off the Summer and take us into the Fall. With songs like Welcome to the Island and $OTW, you really feel the vibes. Be sure to throw it on for your next drive or if you out by the water relaxing. In our extended interview he talks about how working on this project inspired him to sit by the ocean and write it out.

Shot by Parker Snider

Artist Bio:

I was born in South Central Los Angeles and raised in South Phoenix since the age of 2 years old. I grew up as an only child in a household that only consisted of my mother and grandmother, and they always did their best to support me in whatever I pursued. Even though I pursued sports, music was always a huge part of my life. Poetry is where it all started out, it spoke to my soul and was introduced to me at a young age. My family & I had gone through a lot of pain and changes, so poetry was extremely therapeutic for me. Later on, poetry gave me the segway into rapping because I felt it was the same thing just with a lil more rhythm. So over time the blend of the 2 became more potent to my growth as an artist, and it made me want to do more, but I didn’t want to just make songs, I wanted to create actual music that is timeless. So I became a student of the game, putting trust in the process and here we are today.

Shot by Parker Snider

The photo above is from our Rooted Sessions event at the Rebel Lounge that featured Lewis Santana as a featured act and he brought up a couple of his Vibe Lane brothers to help out, with Malik Scott on the mic and 30 Spice // Simply Damon running lights and that was dope to see. 30 Spice has also come through and helped other artists at our shows, so shoutout to him. Shoutout to any artists that's selfless and willing to put the community before themselves in some instances.

Lewis Santana, has worked with the team outside of live events as well. He hopped on a record with I Am Root Co. members Fransisco Phoenics and Dom Root called F.O.M.F (Fuck Out My Face), a single by Fransisco Phoenics. You can stream that here. That's a testament to his grind, it seems like he always has a verse ready and is down to work.

Lewis Santana - Rapper, Music Artist - Vibe Lane - Photo by Dom Root

If you have ever listened to his music or watched him perform, then you could agree that it's always full of energy and purpose. That's an outstanding attribute for an emerging artist to have. No matter the crowd size or venue, when there is work to be done, Lewis Santana gets to work. We respect that about him. In this interview we try to learn a little more about his mission and perspective.

Every artist has a unique journey, so let's all tap in with this one.

Share your favorite Lewis Santana or Vibe Lane song in the comments.


RM: Rooted Minds

LS: Lewis Santana 

RM: Where did your love for music come from and what role did music play in your life, growing up? 

LS: I was born with rhythm and energy in my blood but honestly I believe my love for music came from my mother and the moments music was always paired with. When I was really young I would watch her play records from all eras with the same amount of enthusiasm with each one and they way her energy would change when she heard them made me feel it and understand. Same goes for the rest of my family. Music has always been the soundtrack to my life, no matter the genre, I fucks with what speaks to my soul. You know how they say “God is always with you”, yeah I feel the same way about music. I’ve always felt that way growing up. It doesn’t always have to be in a “music” format or fashion either, things like poetry, making love, something simple as how the wind blows or the sound of the road on a good drive, I appreciate the concept of music altogether. 

RM: What other artist do you look up to or who inspires your rap/music style? 

LS: I’m a student of the game, I like a lot of music from a ton of artists from almost any era. I get inspired by real life and the endless possibilities that come with it.

RM: What do you want listeners to take away from your music? 

LS: My goal is for my listeners to be inspired and motivated to bring what drives their creativity to life, be fearless and free. The ambition to reach every goal you have ever been told that you couldn’t reach, defy all odds and lead by example. Inspiration to become the best you possible and love your journey. Always bet on you.

RM: How did you connect with Vibe Lane and how has the experience benefitted your music career? 

LS: Vibe Lane is a Family. We all come from nothing and we use our ambition, our will, power and knowledge collectively to not only help one another but to also help our communities. There’s a lot of love within that type of bond and believe that’s it’s beneficially taken all of our careers to new levels with much more to come.

RM: What advice would you give to new comers trying to get their foot in the door? 

LS: My advice is to have a well constructed to plan for success and have a system to support it.  Have a broad focus and be multifaceted. Work smarter not harder. 

RM: Who's your top 3 favorites artists (they don't have to necessarily be the best artists, but just your favorite artists)? 

LS: That’s a very hard question to answer and I feel like it changes with my mood at the moment every time I’m asked that question lol. But I’ll say who is my personal favorites in my current rotation right now is (IN NO ORDER) Nipsey Hussle, Larry June & Dave East (The Game, Kendrick and Cole right there too) RM: In a bar that you have, you plan to put Phoenix on the map. What will it take to actually put Phoenix on the map in your opinion?

LS: To be real I feel like as everyone continues to build and shine to their brightest potential paired up with a system stemming from organic love and support while taking their talents all across the map tapping in with more souls alike, it’ll happen eventually. I say that because everybody wants to know where you came from, and over time if people saying that they come from Phoenix eventually it’ll click to the masses that we are really winning out here. We are all stars in the same universe. If we all shine together then we will illuminate the map.  RM: What's been the best part about growing your career in Phoenix and what has been the most difficult part about it?  LS: One of the best parts about it is having your community embrace you and your art especially when the people believe in who you are. Just staying focused and consistent is the more difficult part of things at times. RM: What's the difference between Lewis Santana and Bruce Wave, if any? How did the names come about?  LS: Lewis Santana is the more complete artist I’ve grown into, implementing my last name (Lewis) paired up with Santana out of respect to multicultural lifestyles that are part of who I am. Bruce Wave is the more radical, rebellious alias of my artistry. Of course you’ve heard of Bruce Wayne, now think of his life (not as Batman but Bruce Wayne). He had a very tough upbringing and used his pain to help not only the ones he loves but anyone he can for that matter. To some he is a hero, to others he is a villian. Some days the law wants to arrest him and on other days they reach out to him for help. Long story short, he does things out of the love of his heart no matter what. Now take him out of his shoes in Gotham and put him in a black man’s shoes in America.... You have Bruce Wave.  RM: What's next for Lewis Santana? 

LS: Next up is an EP I have titled, “The Island”. I’m excited for this one. I took it as an opportunity to open a portal into the world where I’ve been and also correlate to what’s been going on in the world at this moment. During Covid times, everyone has had to go home (wherever home may be), we’ve had to start from scratch, get back in touch with our roots and what makes us who we are. Within this isolation I felt like this was the opportunity for everyone to get a dose of how it feels to live like an only child, similar to a quarantine or being alone on an Island. It’s a universal reset. It’s a moment for us to cut out all the noise, reboot and prosper in fresh air; finding peace within a place mentally where your subconscious and your conscious meet. To help you understand, put yourself on a beach and look out far into the horizon, you will see a point in your vision where the sky and sea are connected (subconscious and conscious), if you travel far out into that same direction you will eventually find things that you might not have never seen if you hadn’t come out this far, like unknown wildlife, unclaimed territory or maybe even....... an Island. This EP will be released September 2020!


Check out the extended interview!

Getting to know Lewis Santana: The Island EP, Quarantine, and Inspiration | Rooted Minds Blog

Premieres Sep 21, 2020


Lewis Santana - 100 Bandz Official Video

275 views•Dec 28, 2018

Featuring Dangerous God on Guitar Produced by Fox Gabanna Models : Theresa Lovely / Jamie Arnett Filmed & Edited by Terick Lamont THE SANTANA WAY AVAILABLE ON ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS

Lewis Santana - "Wake Up"

286 views•Oct 8, 2017 directed by Terick Lamont --

US Series: S2E3 | Vibe Lane (Official Video)

2,461 views•Jan 30, 2018

This month we captured the up and coming group known as "Vibe Lane" that consists of group members such as Lewis Santana, Terick Lamont, 30Spice//Simply Damon, and Malik Scott. @lewissantana @tericklamont @30spicesimplydamon @malikscott1615

Directed by: Dylan Toon Produced by: Pseudocentric Recorded by: Sullivan Audio Productions UNDERSOCIETY.NET -




● Website -



Shot by Seafoam Sound

Santana was born in South Central Los Angeles and moved at a young age to South Phoenix, where his single mother grandmother raised him. As he explains it in his Facebook bio, he was inspired to write poetry and rap "to get away from his problems and try to calm the violence that lived inside him." - He set the tone for last year's "The Santana Way" with a track about the journey from "reflecting on the person you were to realizing the person you got to be to find out who you really are" before proclaiming himself the "new superhero of hip-hop" on "The Raven," adding, "But just 'cause I'm black don't make me Green Lantern." And he signs off with a soulful track that finds him boasting, "I'm-a be a legend in Phoenix" with total conviction — by which point he's definitely proven that he's on the right track. - Ed Masely for AZ Central -

Thanks for reading, we hope that these questions and videos gave you a glimpse into the world of Lewis Santana. If you haven't already, make sure that you follow him on IG and tap in on Spotify or Apple Music. We always talk about the importance of the community in helping its members make it, so be sure to do your part to help this brother and brothers like him.

Lewis Santana has been consistently doing his thing and for emerging artists in Phoenix that ain't easy. We wish him the best of luck on his marathon and hope to connect with him again for more music, events, and vibes.

If you or someone you know wants to be considered for a feature, then visit -- We may not take every submission, but we will definitely reach out, if we enjoy their art or story. On behalf of I Am Root LLC and Rooted Minds, we want to thank the readers for your continued support and love. We hope that you continue to support the artists that we feature, and one day it might just be you.

Lewis Santana - Chillin at Rooted Sessions



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