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Poetic Willy LUV Poetry Contest Winner

Poetic Willy placed 3rd in the LUV Poetry contest with a first time submission into our contest. Fee free to follow on social media @poeticwilly

Congrats to you!


Poetic Willy - Where I'm From

I am from a place where most dreams are made but one out of a million are fulfilled

Where nightmares turn to real life so you know they kill like guns with ammunitions and you see kids starve because getting food everyday is just another mission

And you see people judge male and females as they go into transitions

I have been travelling so much it’s like my whole life is on a world tour

Like Tupac said “we got money for war, but can’t feed the poor” so need a say more?

Because I have the right to remain silent but being silent is not right I must be heard so may y’all please take out them headphones and earphones so y’all can hear me out?

I remember waking up every Saturday mornings just so I can watch PBS kids sprout because that’s where most of my imaginations are from, but as my height continued to grow, my age continued to increase

My eyes continued to observe that’s when my imaginations started to decrease because I wasn’t mommy’s innocent little boy anymore and my mind was being attacked with things that could create sores

You know sores that are opened at the bone making it hard to heal that’s how stubborn we are

One day I heard a voice and it said “Speak for yourself!” but that’s how ignorant they are for not accepting the truth

They prefer telling lies in a sound proof booth, but you can’t be mad at least they accomplished a goal of being rappers

I am from a place where most fathers are never a factor, brothers who don’t know their own brothers, and on every application under “who’s in your household” this is written “me, myself, and my mother”

That’s why thank God for my parents even though they are not together

I once thought everything would’ve been okay if we lived in the suburbs, but there are always pros and cons in wishes that we have

Because I wouldn’t be a writer and I wouldn’t be a poet but then gang signs and slangs I wouldn’t even know it

*snaps* I wouldn’t even know them

Sorry, it’s how I speak

Look at me funny but you see autocorrect doesn’t come easily to me

I was born in a place where Lion King relates to and it’s hot throughout the year but I am from a place where Wu Tang came out of and it’s cold throughout the winter

I wasn’t used to the weather until it started to give me splinters

I was being judged because what I ate was never ever their dinner

They labelled me as an L but what they never knew is that my name started with a W and it stands for winner

I’m from a place where it’s called hood but nobody ever acts neighborly

Where new aunts, uncles, and cousins are coming to exist but you never knew they were your family

New jails need to be build that’s why the government cuts down our family trees Does anyone ever feel sorry for us youngings that are witnessing this catastrophe?

I’m just try’na grow up to be a legend, Johnny Appleseed, but where I’m from if your skills aren’t qualified you’re just another slice of cheese

Your environment is how you make it; negativity is how you take

So may I ask?

Where are you from?

Poetic Willy - Where I'm From


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