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Pk Tha Poet | RM Spotlight Feature

We are back with another feature for the Rooted Minds Blog and this time with a familiar face in the AZ community and to our I Am Root Event Supporters. These interviews are our way of celebrating the success stories of the folks that we’ve met along our journey. So, with that in mind, we hope that you’ll learn something new about our featured artist and continue to support the movement.

Whenever I can feature an artist whose music I enjoy, I definitely take the opportunity. I feel it's dope to document a part of someone's journey, and to share it with our readers. This feature has been a while in the making and I am glad that we get to bring it to you at the top of the new year.

Music is a huge part of our culture and the sharing of music has become part of social experiences. Naturally, when you come across good music, you just got to share! I enjoy putting my friends and family on to new music, to good music. Some of us take pride in getting the AUX, so hopefully after this feature you'll come across some new songs to share with your people.


Pk Tha Poet

It's no secret, Pk tha Poet has come through the I Am Root Events circuit a few times since 2015, and that's how we have gotten to know him. It has been cool to work with him, interview him, and watch him grow. PK's flow is very mature and very hip-hop, so most any beat thrown his way, he could find a way to compliment it. He is also a talented spoken word artist and through his narratives both in music and poetry, we gain an inside perspective of his experiences trying to be a man, father, creative and music artist. He's moving towards curating his own platforms and working to be an asset to other emerging artists, which is very commendable.

PK Tha Poet is an artist that people should definitely get to know. From the outside looking in, he has put a lot of work in order to get to where he is today. He's worked with various members of the I Am Root Collective including Dom Root, Fransisco Phoenics, Zil, Travis White, and others. So it's dope to see things come back around and us being able to document a bit of his success. It's in our mission to be involved in local and emerging art and we are blessed to continue to gain opportunities to connect and enlighten.

PK has been releasing a number of projects over the last year and some change, so in this interview we look to get the inside scoop on his plan for 2021 and some of his inspiration behind his latest releases!

Artist Bio:

If you haven’t already you should get to know Phoenix’s very own poet turned rapper, PK tha Poet. Hailing all the way from Chicago, Illinois, with a swift and smooth flow.

The P.O.E.T. stands for Pieces of Everlasting Thought. PK has performed at open-mics all across the valley, even winning city contests, such as the Voice of the Valley and Run AZ. During his come up in the city, he has also opened up for Lyfe Jennings at Celebrity Theatre, started Poetic Soul With Qosmic Qadence and perform weekly on Wednesday's for the last 3 ½ years. He’s done some traveling performing in Texas, California, and Chicago. He’s been consistently dropping music, as well well with 4 projects in 2019 (Dypherent, Embodiment of Reihki, GTA Phoenix, Armelia). The last show that he curated was a sold out event in 2019 at Club DWNTN. In 2020 he put in work to push his a recent project called Space Gray Convos in collaboration with Samara Cyn (Check out her Feature here [Latest collaboration project: Space Gray Convos with Samara Cyn] So far this year PK just released a 2-Track project called ‘Stimmy PK. [Unmastered]’ with songs Poppin’ and Top Ramen Freestyle.

One thing that encouraged us to pursue this interview, was his run in 2019, with the roll out of 4 projects in one year, the success of The Sound of Arizona, and his going away event. From the project Armelia, his song 'Livin’ (Isolation) shows us just how well rounded he is with delivery, storytelling, lyricism and flow. The song starts off with a mellow, soulful type beat accompanied by the smooth and swift words from PK tha Poet. Within the first few seconds you can hear the passion and pain in his voice. With a promising sound, PK Tha Poet has consistently given the people the perfect song to jam to in the car or at a kickback with friends!

Stream his mixtape “Armelia”, click the link at the bottom of this post to start streaming now!


Rooted Minds Spotlight Feature


RM: Rooted Minds


Interview Questions:

RM: What's been keeping you motivated to make music amid all of the chaos going on today?

PK: Just wanting to be successful. I have kids and shit and I don’t want to work at a job, so if I really want to do this shit I gotta go all out. I look around and see the same shit everyone else see. I don’t know how other people digest things. Eventually you gotta release it. That’s what I do.

RM: How often are you working on or writing new music? (Everyday, a couple times out the week, etc?) What's your creation process like?

PK: I’m damn near working on music every day. As far as writing music though, that’s a different story. I can’t write every day. I try to write in a journal every day and that shits hard. But when I do write, it comes in sprouts. Sometimes I can hear an instrumental and I’ll write, or I’ll paly on the piano, or have to do something live. I prefer creating on the spot because that’s when I feel what’s true and what’s not. If that makes sense.

RM: What's been the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome as a music artist? & What's your biggest personal accomplishment in music so far?

PK: Other people’s approval. As a artist, you know you’re good. Or you know your growth level; the different stages of your artistry. But we look for validation. We look for the validity and approval from the people we really care about, from strangers; I guess it’s human nature. As an artist you get to be freely vulnerable and boastful. Talk shit about the state you’re in; mentally, economically. You get to lie and hide the truth. And exploring all of those is fun, but at some point, you get to evolve and grow from that need of approval.

(2) I haven’t got there yet. For right now I’ll say just experiencing anything. The memories that I’ve made so far.

RM: Could you see yourself taking a label deal or does the independent route seem more appealing to you?

PK: Independent route is what I’m doing. Like it’s exactly what I’m doing, it’s not that it’s appealing (haha). I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a businessman, and I’m a business, man. Like Jay-Z. If I were able to get a lucrative deal for me and my team, I would do it. And like I said, I’m a businessman, deals don’t last forever.

RM: What do you wish listeners and fans understood about you?

PK: That I’m human.

RM: What has been your favorite collaboration so far? What collabs are you hoping to lock in eventually?

PK: My favorite would definitely go to- I can’t just say one. I’d say my most recent project that I did with Samara [Cyn]. And I also like the song I did with Coffey and [Jay]Wop. Those two are definitely my favorite.

(2) I definitely see myself getting a Lute feature. And BJ the Chicago Kid.

RM: Who's your biggest musical influence or influences?

PK: Jaywop, Dougie Drew, Dobe(y). They it.

RM: We've been in rooms where PK, was flowing off the top. Is freestyling something you practice and work at or does it come naturally?

PK: Boffum. I kind of grew up freestyling, but I wasn’t really that good at it. I’m decent enough to keep up with people that come off the head. Freestyling is culture, & you just gotta swag it out. I love to freestyle and I’ll do it at any moment, but it isn’t really something that I practice.

RM: What's your mission as a music artist, what would be the ultimate thing that you'd like to achieve?

PK: To make music with the greats. I want my music to be placed alongside the Greats.

The Greats: Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar, Quincy Jones, Prince

RM: What's your favorite thing to do outside of the music? + What keeps you grounded?

PK: I feel like I’m heavily grounded in reality. My family for sure. As far as like outside hobbies, I’ve fallen in love with being physical. And I have been getting into kicks.

RM: If you had to choose one of your songs that could best display your ability as a music artist, which song of yours would you play?

PK: No one song can ever best display my best ability as a music artist. You have to listen to the project. I feel like that’s with any artist, not just me. You gotta listen to the project and know the artist; you can’t just listen to one song; that’s unfair. I would tell everyone to go listen to Armelia. That’s me as an artist.

Thanks for reading, be sure to share this article with a friend and tell them about this up and coming artist, PK Tha Poet.


Armelia - PK Tha Poet - Blog Notes and Standouts

Royal Purple - A real dope melodic feel, with awesome effects on Mallies' vocals. This track was immediately a stand out because of how it makes you feel. The beat slaps, but it feels good. PK slides in with a signature flow, as he dives into a quick timeline of a few of his life experiences and where he stands now.

Eden - This track has that melodic feel as well and it features to other very solid AZ artists in Jay Wop and Cofey. Just reading the track line we feel the power of this record. A couple of the themes that jump out of this record is accountability and resilience (as you'll notice in Jay Wop's verse).

Go Away - A manifestaiton of his forthcoming evolution and growth as an artist. PK put's the game on notice, sharing that this is what he was born for -- making music, enhancing every track he's on, and taking things up a notch.




Thanks for taking the time to read up on PK. We have been inspired by his growth and maturity over the years. We hope to continue to inspire artists to tell their stories on their paths to success. From this I hope you were able to learn a bit about PK's diversity and passion for this music thing. At this point in PK's career it's about making the next move, the best move and he appears to be focused, locked in, and ready to take his career to the next level.

Be sure to show love, don't just read and keep scrolling. Tap in, by liking, commenting, and subscribing to our platforms and to the artists that we feature. It is important for the community to uplift it's members, instead of waiting for the buzz to grow outside the city first, then come back around on the bandwagon.

Let Us Vent 2015 - Produced by I Am Root

This photo features PK Tha Poet (left) and Qosmic Qadence (right).

Check out the Upcoming Let Us Vent 2021 Details


Some PK's Videos...

Samara Cyn & PK tha Poet - Orbit [Official Music Video]

38,571 views • Jan 6, 2021

Watch the official video to "Orbit" from the new project "Space Gray Convos" available now!

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Camera crew:

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Donnie MC Fly

Rated Kg

Jamie Knewxsance

Honey Jai

Lyricc Lahnae


Zamir & Zyair

D.I.O.M.O Ent

Junior Varsity Ent

WTD - Samara Cyn ft PK Tha Poet

1,568 views • Jun 26, 2020

"WTD" Available Now #ForBigFloyd

Don't stop putting in the work, there's too much to do. Keep demanding justice.

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Director: Isaac Joel

Creative Director: Preston Keller

Song produced by Michael Knight









Up Your Action By PK Tha Poet Ft. MBoog | Panasonic GH5 Music Video

1,039 views • Dec 17, 2017

Filmed by Opus Vitas

The release of this video was really big in our community. PK invites his long time friend MBoog to tag team the Up Your Action record. It comes off as a call to action for their community and fans.

Desert Hibiscus (Prod. J Protege)

652 views • Premiered Apr 2, 2019


Watch Pk Tha Poet "Desert Hibiscus" SUBSCRIBE for more exclusive Music Videos and Behind the scenes footage. PK links up with talented local producer J Protege for this one!

Keevy's BLues pt.2

384 views • Jun 3, 2018

Directed by Pk tha Poet & Martez Cornelius EP- Just Vibe vol.2


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