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Louie Fish - 2nd Place Winner - LUV Poetry Contest

[2nd Place]

Louie talks about a love that could be.

Mi Imaginary Amor by Louie Fish | Entry #3

“ABOUT THE POEM “was inspired for rubi rose when I was in jail I saw her in a XXL magazine and thought if her personality is anything like her looks she could be my wife and just was writing what a poem that i was gonna DM to her …. then later that day I snuck and got on a FaceTime with one of my followers who I have some history with and was just in deep thought about how we can love each other so much yet not be together and it stems from her disbelief that anybody can do right by her if trusted so she just doesn’t trust them.


About the Artist


LouieFish 28 from Chicago started writing poetry for girls in elementary school started taking it serious with my first Iamroot event and every since a kid I’ve always found myself fantasizing about the possibility of love so o have a lot of love poems written from the perspective as if I was to actually find the love I’m looking for

*Winner of Cash Prize and I Am Root Merch


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