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Aretha Rodney - 3rd Place Winner - LUV Poetry Contest

[3rd Place]

Aretha discusses the pros and cons of our affinity towards social media.

Social Media by Aretha Rodney | Entry #7

Social Media

When did our value started being determined

by how many people choose to follow you

when did our worth divert to a double tapping of ones

finger leaving thoughts to linger if enough people didn’t tap twice

then just maybe just maybe that photo wasn’t post worthy

when did our identity

and our reality become our enemy

see I don’t mean to offend but in this era we would

rather live a life of pretend just to stay up to date with the recent trend


when did our worth divert to one opinion behind a device screen

that results in us tampering with our genes

it seem we live a life based off others reaction

so SELF LOVE just fits a great caption

our satisfaction lies with the world wide web of lies

being deceived by what we see before our eyes

being displeased with our own lives because we still working 9 to 5

as if a 9 to 5

makes one less applicable to succeed and thrive

see so much have changed

and if not doing it like the world your considered a lame

at some point the ultimate goal became a blue check beside ones name

if you ask me social media is what you make it

and its filled with opportunities

people coming together building communites

but on the other end of it its filled with a lot of hypocrites a lot of judges and

jurors a lot of counterfeits

so be sure of who you are so you don’t get lost in it


About the Artist

ARETHA RODNEY-MCDONALD: Aretha Rodney-McDonald is a singer, songwriter, and a spoken word poet. Born and raised in the beautiful island of Jamaica (Spanish Town, St Catherine), and migrated to the U.S at a young age and resided there since. Aretha Rodney-McDonald is a wife and a mother to two beautiful children. Her heart’s desire is to inspire and motivate people to trust God, love themselves, and go after their purpose while she goes after hers. Aretha’s songs and poems reflect God’s gift to her, so she takes great pleasure in performing and sharing them.

*Winner of Cash Prize and I Am Root Merch


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