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Joel NoChill | RM Spotlight Feature

The Rooted Minds Blog is back with another amazing Spotlight Feature, where we shine a light on creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs that are making strides to take their careers to the next level. This is a platform where we can celebrate the success stories of members of our community, friends, and newly discovered creatives. Join us in learning more about a Latin music artist that has recently hit our radar thanks to our collaborative event with Desiree White and Painted Soul where he performed his song "Muy Lit."

BIO: Performed in California, Nevada, Arizona, and more states coming!

Have opened up for Cypress Hill, Spice 1, Suga Free, Mc Eight, Mr. Capon-E, and many more!!

Have performed at the state festival!

Had my music featured on a radio station down in Chicago!

Headlined multiple shows!

Have performed at over 80+ events!

Handsome af 😂

One thing I’m beyond proud of is helping myself get out my depression!

Love to talk about conspiracy theories so let’s do it!



Joel NoChill

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The Rooted Minds Blog

RM: What has been your journey to being in the field that you’re in today? (Artist, Musician, Athlete, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Creative, Etc.) What has been the most impactful lesson that you've learned?

JNC: I didn’t come looking to be an artist, the opportunity bloomed out of something that I thought I never would see myself doing. I use to not be able to tell people how I feel, but now I do it through music! ❤️ The most impactful lesson I’ve ever learned is “ it’s not the end of your journey, only the beginning of the next chapter”! Those words will always have me pushing myself through any situation in life and I hope it helps out others as well!

RM: For those who may not know, how did you develop the name or concept for your business or project?

JNC: My friend actually came up with the name lol back in 2008! I didn’t start making music or anything until 2021 though lol such a stretch but it has stuck with me since then!

RM: 1) Tell us about your inspiration behind an upcoming project. 2) What do you hope to accomplish and what do you hope people take away from it?

JNC: Just got into a festival and I’m ready to make people forget about their problems! I want people to dance and forget about issues that they have going on and hopefully find the light in the words that I say so I can inspire everyone into a happier life!!!

RM: What have been some effective ways that you've marketed yourself in your space and industry?

JNC: I typically go by word of mouth! I like to create personal connections and show whoever I’m introducing my music to that I am worth listening to! I also sign up for every show that I possibly can and try to meet everyone everywhere I go! Social media Is also a gold mine!!! The more friends the better!

RM: How have you grown as an entrepreneur or creative in the last 5 years and who's been influential in that process?

JNC: I've actually only been doing this for a year and a half and I’m way ahead of where I want to be creatively! It was not easy, but discipline is a big part of it, being where you want in life takes a lot of sacrifices and I had to let go of a certain part of my life so I can go into a new one. I don’t have any regrets either! I had countless nights where I’ve been awake for 36 hours working on music but I never let it get the best of me! I do have insomnia so it made those nights a little more bearable but I don’t recommend it to anyone 😅! My biggest influencers are hands down my parents, their drive alone makes me feel like I can do anything and they make me strong and I love them for that! I’m doing this for them and my family and I love them all ❤️

RM: What are some short-term goals that you are working towards, that friends and supporters can help you with?

JNC: Come to my shows! It’s more of a party! EVERYONES ALWAYS INCLUDED! This is the only concert that you can come and say that you are a part of! I get everyone involved! I have a show coming up in September that y’all have to come to!!! It’s a must-watch!!! I NEED YALL SUPPORT!! All I can ask of everyone is to come out and have some fun!!! Let’s party!!!

RM: What are one or two things that keep you grounded? How do you practice good self-care or how can you practice it better (if you've been lacking in that area)?

JNC: Something that keeps me rooted is for sure my friends and family! If I’m not making music, I’m hanging out with my friends or with my family! I don’t care what I’m doing as long as I’m happy with everyone! I’m a very easy person to please! All it takes is a smile and I’m good for a while! 😂 corny but that’s me lol

RM: What are some words of wisdom or encouragement for upcoming creative entrepreneurs that you'd like to share?

JNC: It’s okay to fail, it’s okay to write a bad song, it’s okay to mess up at a show, it’s okay to forget the lyrics of your song, you are human. You have to fail before you succeed! The only thing that makes you quit is yourself, you have nobody to blame for your success or demise besides you! SO DON'T LET YOURSELF DOWN!

RM: What has been the best piece of advice you have ever received in reference to your career and industry?

JNC: “I would never do that,” I say this is the best piece of advice I hear from people, and it’s the best advice because every time I hear that, it makes me realize why I’m different and need to continue what I do because I don’t want to be like them!




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