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Beats on LIVE w/ Dom Root Music

We at I Am Root LLC., want to continue to provide value to our supporters. Keep tapping in with us every week for more content.

I’ve been teasing a few ideas and playing around a little bit with the GarageBand App for iPad and posting those screen recordings on our IGTV. Hopefully some of you checked it out and are looking forward to bringing back a ‘Groove Sessions with Dom Root’ like concept, where I will be either making beats live or curating a playlist for live. Our team has been working to compile and centralize our content for you, we hope that you enjoy.

Starting this week or next week, I’ll be hopping on the gram and building beats from scratch, hopefully you can learn a little bit about my process and also catch a vibe!

If you see me making beats on LIVE, stop in and say HI!

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