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Ashton Vaughn Charles - SKU, Pt. 2

Ashton Vaughn Charles - SKU, Pt. 2

SKU, Pt. 2 (feat. Fransisco Phoenics, Kye Russoul, Lewis Santana, Leewater, Ronnie Dijon, Qosmic Qadence & StoneOnSax)

The second movement in a 3-part music production.

Credits below.


Fransisco Phoenics @TheFransiscoPHX

Kye Russoul @Kye_Russoul

Lewis Santana @LewisSantana

Leewater @_________Water (9 underscores)

Ronnie Dijon @RonnieDijon

Qosmic Qadence @Qosmic_Qadence

StoneOnSax @StoneOnSax

Created, composed, arranged, and mixed by:

Ashton Vaughn Charles (@AshtonVaughnCharles)

Produced by: Tru Barz (@OfficialTruBarz)

Filmed by: Martez Cornelius (@DirectorTezz)

Photographed by: Melissa Zieske (@MelissaZieske)

Album art concept created by: Ashton Vaughn Charles (@AshtonVaughnCharles)

Duha'ra Muhammad (@Duhopie_16)

Melissa Zieske (@MelissaZieske)


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