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Aiyana Sha'niel | LUV Poetry Contest Winner

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Aiyana Sha'niel is a poet from Los Angeles California. She was on her school's poetry team, HamLit where she competed in Get Lit Organization. Aiyana was last year's Poetry Out Loud Los Angeles representative and was the runner-up in the state competition. She is now working on releasing her first poetry book by June 2021.

Aiyana placed first in the LUV Poetry contest this year and placed 1st in the 2020 Summer Poetry Contest. Congratulations!


Drop Dead Gorgeous by Aiyana Sha'niel

I wish my looks could kill Imagine me: head to toe in the finest clothes Walking down the street minding my own Out of nowhere a nigga walks up grabs my ass And as I turn to cut my eyes at him His spine shatters like glass

Yeah, I wish my looks could kill Sharper than any pocket knife or Taser I keep on the side Faster than a bullet and no trigger for me to pull it Either ‘Cus I’m so tired of having to put up defenses for these fools with no senses It’d be easier to just be relentless Ya know, take them out and put them down

Body after body added to my count Without me having to raise a finger If I’m the bee then my eyes are now the stinger so stop stepping up to me honey Because you won’t walk away from this hive alive

I wish my looks could kill So I wouldn’t have to deal with Telling someone off Or having to shoo them away Sometimes when I’ve had a bad day All I want is a glare so scary It makes you flatline

Might cause controversy Or make me a threat but I would have no regrets Because it only takes a few seconds To recognize the disrespect Of someone approaching you wrong And I need something that don’t take too long Because I don’t have time to cuss every single person out It’s exhausting So instead of talking I’ll deliver instant eye-locking And that will get your breath-stopping Because you wouldn’t listen when I said get lost So, please

I don’t want to have to take your life But you need to learn to start acting right I wish my looks could kill So I don’t have to keep preparing for this fight Trying to get where I’m going and You slowing me down. Telling me I should “get to know you”

I’m beyond through With politely saying no five times And you still going because I’m supposedly just playing hard to get Or I just haven’t met the real you yet But I don’t want to... so... Though that’s not an answer you’ll accept I guess, instead, I’ll give an answer that you won’t forget.

Stop trying to approach me because I won’t be nice anymore I’ll show you all drop-dead gorgeous like you’ve never seen before.

Drop Dead Gorgeous by Aiyana


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