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“A Letter To My Past Self” by Kahari Young

Be The Black Mamba in his last basketball game

Be Denise Matthews when she realized the vanity of fame

Be patient, like the four seasons

Stay focused on seeking The Kingdom

You will find

treasures that outshine

the VIP-endeavors of your mind

Be careful of crafting A Golden Calf

out of romance

No need to awaken love before its time

Be a Valedictorian in the positive psychology of long-lasting companionships

JOY is found in the JOurneY

Be worry-free, like babies sounding out their very first words

Be mindful, never mindless,

of the paradise and persecution

that flows from the power

of your words

Create a Tower Of Clarity

Be fruitful with your sincerity

Be multicultural

Be approachable

Climb out of your comfort-zone

of being cool and all alone

Daily solace cannot be confined to your denim pockets

Show the same grace to yourself that you so-readily show to others whenever they are at their lowest

Guard your ear-gates and eye-gates against the Hades of tabloids

Be the bearer of good news

Only the goodness and love of God can fill the void that you so-often avoid


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