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Is there a future for conventional mainstream radio?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

People are attracted to what’s New and Hot! If the radio didn’t play it, the “Streets” did. Sometimes it was played enough, to where the radio eventually had to play it. It was just too Hot!

For example, Teach Me How To Dougie by Cali Swag District was a well known dance and song before radio caught on.

There is no question, radio broadcasting has been controlled by the mainstream in the past. Having the stereo system in homes and automobiles, they captured the masses with what was to be a new revolution in media. Later, new developments furthered the boom of media takeover: TV and internet! Think about 106 & Park, SoundCloud, YouTube and now streaming sites like Spotify and Tidal that allow artists to upload their music with ease.

With the internet still being a phenomenon, individuals now have the opportunity to do for themselves, what large advertising companies were relied upon in the past. More and more entrepreneurs are finding success in independency, rather than continue to use the major platforms.

Will there still be a need to utilize these companies, like radio stations and record labels in the future?

Is there a high success rate dealing with these companies?

The answer lies in the hands of the people.

With statements like “Stay Local G,” and “We don’t need you,” a statement to upcoming artists by Julezz Castañon from Power 98.3 only shows the ignorance of mainstream radio. Also, “Local AZ Hip Hop shows are wack,” and “Don’t waste your time,” by Ohjezuz Soto” at Power 98.3 also show other states and regions that there is no camaraderie in Arizona.

If these are the views from our radio personalities, one would question if that is the right position for these particular individuals.

These individuals should be placed there to build morale throughout the art community, that is directly in their reach. Shouldn't they be the scouts for new music and upcoming artists? Should not these individuals create or support a platform to showcase the COMPLETELY under-rated talent of AZ?

The previous statements earlier in the article only promotes more negativity, that the people just won’t stand for anymore. The internet is exposing more and more creativity from unknown artists. Is there going to be a place for certain mainstream radio personalities who can’t see the future of the art community? Will we continue to allow these individuals to defecate on the scene being created?

A change is upon us, and people aren’t willing to rely on these platforms that do not benefit their interests any longer. We have different outlets now to reach the audience that mainstream had firm control over.

Again I say believe in your talents, those who have made themselves, the obstacles in your path will be removed.

Root for each other and we all grow stronger.


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