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Will mainstream radio ever respect the local artist?

Is there something missing from the scene in Arizona?

It is no secret that in the past AZ was a bit behind in the country's cultural essence. Being a melting pot, within a melting pot of America, Arizona struggles to have or at least identify its very own culture. Although today it seems that Arizona is up-to-speed with the latest trends, fashion styles, music, foods, etc., it is my opinion that there is still something missing from Arizona's individuality.

There is so much talent in Arizona, yet artists are having a hard time making a living from their talents.

Is it the radio? Is it the artist? Is it a lack of support? Is it a lack of proper communication? Is it a lack of talent?

With Phoenix being one of the largest cities in the U.S., a strong cultural sense is expected. That isn't to say there is no community, but there are a lot of mixed feelings from the people here in the valley. Phoenix gives the initial impression of a strong artistic community; big named performance theaters, comedy clubs, film and music festivals, etc. Yet local artists still seem to have a hard time making a living from their artistic talents.

Is this due to the unwillingness of the mainstream to work with local artists?

Do the local artists meet the proper criteria to work with these different outlets?

Do artists believe that these certain entities have the best interests and opportunities for their talents?

Is being an independent artist a better way to have a more profitable career?

Is there a learning curve that local artists aren't up to speed on?

A mirror must be shown to all parties to gain true identity and purpose in our community. We must be REAL with our-selves, our process, and with our goals, to have a proper understanding and gain the necessary tools to succeed. No one answer will solve this situation, and no one format will be the only blueprint to success.

This is an on going conversation that extends beyond just Arizona, but where you are is where you're at. So let's continue to build while we are here. Believe in your talents, research, work at your craft and character, and go for the opportunities presented to you.


Fransisco Phoenics

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