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Music Monday! J Buss S.N.R.S Vol 2

After the first one, we had to keep up and see what J Buss has been up to, stepping into the rap scene almost 3-4 years ago, he brought nothing but energy and passion as he pens narratives about his everyday life throughout the LA streets. In this high energy mixtape we get a bit of everything from the gritty to the sexy, so check it out and stay lit this summer with SNRS (Skinny Niggas Runnin Shit) Vol. 2 by J Buss.

The Standouts!

Can't Compare ft. Maxo

Craccin Braccin (ft. Hitta J3)

Would you Ride

#rap #jbuss #snrs #snrsvol2 #jbussa #hiphop #ganglife #fastlife #grindmode

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