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Leewater releases visuals for Blessings prod. by J Protege

We hope that everyone's day is shaping up just right. Continue to inspire and be inspired!

Arizona Hip-Hop has been growing for sometime now and a few days ago Leewater, J Protege and the production team put more value in the stock with the release of the official video for 'Blessings' -- If you've listened to Lee Water's Light Shine series, then you know that 'Blessings' goes up every time. For those not on it yet, see the links at the bottom. But we wanted to share the love, so check out this video, then Share, Like, Comment, and Subscribe. You can catch Leewater performing around the Valley or rocking out at First Friday or other venues with the Color 8 Band.

Leewater - Blessing - Credits to

Xander Payton - Director

Alex Gaspar - Assistant

J Protege - Producer

Jayeles Smith - Model

Alex Darrell - Model

Lee Water - Music


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