What is 'Members Only' and how will it connect me to I Am Root Co.
This website is a hub that will allow us to bring all of our Content, Updates, and Event Footage to you. With monthly subscriptions starting at just $1 you can be in the loop with everything I Am Root and the benefits grow with the amount of the subscription. You can login using a web-browser on your computer. 

Our Priorities:

  • Bringing the I Am Root Co. experience to you!

  • Properly compensating our staff, volunteers and artists

  • Greater production value across the board

  • Bringing more innovation to our brand

  • Producing more content for our supporters

 In advance we thank you for your support, we praise you for your courage and faith in our collective. 

Art is all around us; in its various forms it educates, it heals, it inspires, and does so much more. We have a group of artists who are passionate, selfless, and embody exactly what it means to be living art. 

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    • Exclusive Brand Media Coverage
    • 10% off select event ticket prices
    • Advanced updates and discounts in our shop
    • Access to our Discord Server
    • FREE Entry into our Poetry Contests
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    • Access our online Writing Challenges
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    • Discounts and Pre-Orders for our Shop
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    • FREE Entry into our Poetry Contests
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