Your Fetish by Niamey Thomas (Poetry)

Another video from @nniiamey x @jasgold

Stay rooted. 🌱

I wrote this poem for @masslibaz event celebrating Black lives.

✊🏼 Over my 27 yrs of living I consistently hear... “I want to have kids that look like you. I want to have light skin babies with you.” I always find it strange + uncomfortable when people say this.

✊🏼 So this is that. Stop fetishizing me it’s not cute or funny but honestly makes me cringe. Enjoy!

✊🏼 This poem is raw, the first draft I didn’t/haven’t edit it but once I perform it on stage I will probably edit the mess out of it.

✊🏼 Thanks to @jasgold for all the retakes and for coming back the next night to make sure we get the best shot! 🎥 @jasgold

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