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Winter Poetry Contest 2019-2020 | Brandon Smith

An OG once asked me,

"Say youngin, who is you? You don't even know!

Originality is lacking in yo group, yall a troop with no lead!

Snackin' on scraps, when what you really need is food for yo' soul.

Yall think gold and the opinions of fools,

matters more than matters in school.

Yall need to get ya minds right"

Sitting back pondering his words,

Damn who am I?

A spark. Enter the epiphany.

I am many things.

Let my mama tell it, I'm all she ever dreamed.

A highly capable being destined for glory.

A glorified narcissist at times, hiding behind the lies I once fed myself.

I'm ya favorite book on the shelf that-

no matter how much time has passed-you always return to.

I'm the occassional optimist, looking on the bright side so I keep shades handy.

I cant possibly be more than me

A man, phenomenally.

I am the result of a clever plot devised centuries ago

By those wrapped in chains and hope.

Shiiit, how could I be anything less than dope?

Back in the day they used to call me a square, but I'm clearly too big for a box.

An insomniac watching the hands of clocks- I stay woke.

I'm quick with a joke and a laugh, even quicker to cut bullshit in half.

I ain't to be played with.

I'm a lover first,

a fighter when I must be,

slow to anger but trust me- you dont wanna see that side.

An educated Black man, I'm a threat!

A bullet away from a hashtag, but blessed I ain't seen that yet.

I am not your stereotype,

I'm undiscovered talent worth every bit of hype.

(Yall dont mind if I brag a bit right?)

I'm a gift for friends and lovers,

a curse for others

I am Gods BEST work!

and I'm still unfinished, far from through.

I know who I am,

but who are you?



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