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Who Protects Us?

Who protects us?

They hire the strongest among us to protect them - so they may drink

So they may parlay in peace and cause a ruckus

So they may riot because their team won or lost.

Or just because they want a damn haircut.

They hire us to cook their food, clothe their children, and teach those children about swag.

Who teaches us?

The system in this country is created in such a way to dismiss and belittle and chastise

The deeper the melanin

The more you are erased

The more you are silenced

The more your history is to be forgotten.

But never forget the rebellious south.

Who respects our culture?

When Flo Jo's ghetto ass nails became the trend in acrylics

And cornrows became Kim K's boxer braids

When our bonnets are a white woman's invention called nightcaps

When our dances are TikTok trends - meanwhile original creators are shadow-banned

When our voices are used for comedic effect or designed to create personalities for another marginalized group

When we are silenced for demanding our credit, demanding our rights, demanding the freedom to live in this fucking country without having to Google how many of our people are murdered in that area.

Who protects us?

When we are in our homes after work

When we worship in our churches

When follow the rules and disclose our weapon

When we seek help after a car accident

When we need medical treatment

When we can't breathe

When we get a late night snack

When we play with toys

When we celebrate on a holiday

When we barbecue at a park

When we go for a jog.

Who the fuck is protecting our children? Our people.

I am not your trope, yo nigga if you ain't black, or your sassy black friend.

I am tired.

Stop fucking killing us. Lest you wake the damn beast.


Protect your own. Hug your loved ones.

Rest in power to all those who have lost their futures just for living in this backwards country.

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