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Weather Indoors

In honor of the recent poetry contest winners, I thought that I would give the topic a try. That way you can check out my attempt, before we share the winning poems from the contest.

In case you missed it visit to stay updated on our poetry contests. Writers were given the topic “Weather indoors” and told to write a poem with 100 words or more. If you can guess what kind of room or space indoors this poem describes, we’ll send you our ”Rooted” Face covering also available


I absolutely hate it in there,

I can never really find what I am looking for,

sand blowing like dust across the vinyl floor

and off the tops of boxes.

When it’s quiet, I can get in and out quickly.

But some mornings, I head in and see my trophies

toppled over, memories like paper

blown everywhere. I’d go in for batteries,

but leave with the photo album, and so

I take what i can get.

At some points, there is a calm, but

at any moment the wind can pick up,

blinding and suffocating you in fierce gusts of memories.

Some good ones, some bad ones, but enough to stir

things up. The once beautifully beige sand, now

the image for what can turn my world ‘wrong side-up.’

When you can’t find something you really need, you start

to feel like you’ve lost it. And when you’ve looked almost everywhere,

the last place you want to go is the ______ _________.

Dom Root 2020

Thanks for reading, be sure to leave me a comment. If you know what “room or space” indoors I am hinting at in the poem, then drop in the comments below for a FREE ‘Rooted’ Face Covering.


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