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Valley Votes 2020

We want to help you vote safely and securely in 2020!

Did you know you can drop off your early ballot or vote in person starting over THREE WEEKS before Election Day in Maricopa County? (80% of Arizona Voters vote early)

  1. Register for Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL) to receive a Ballot in the Mail.


  3. Drop Off your ballot physically and securely at any polling location starting Oct. 7. Miss the lines on election day!

(Covid-19 risk is minimized when dropping off an early ballot vs. standing in line on election day)


What is #valleyvotes?

Valley Votes 2020 is a digital voter education campaign created to provide the public with crucial voter information for the 2020 Election. One part education campaign and one part donation drive, Valley Votes is a completely non-partisan effort to raise awareness for civic engagement leading up to the Voter Registration Deadline - OCTOBER 5th.

Valley Votes and @optimysticalmusic will be leading a matching donation drive Sept 24th- Oct 5th to donate $3,000 to Equal Justice Initiative and help reform the broken justice system. Our mission is to promote civic engagement while also raising awareness for justice system reforms to reverse mass incarceration.


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