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I look at the Moon and the stars that i can barely see

And I scream, I swear I scream

I scream so loud

But I live in a city and no one hears me

Not once have the cops come

This is beyond lonely

It's going maddy

Its being phased out by machines

It's being male without the type of violence that forms lasting friendships

It's the feelings that everything is fake

It's sad digital rhetoric

It's throwing away energy

It's drone warfare during the day and Chili's 2 for 1s at night

It's being without a rib

It's moist towelettes

Tiny little bullshit here and there that's just what you need to enjoy the joke

Or at least get it

Or at least not commit suicide

I look at the moon and stars

And I scream, I swear I scream

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