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Updated: May 27, 2020

There can be Christians without a church, there can not be a real church without Christians

And this is what the 21st century person needs to understand

That the symbols are just symbols

That it is you and your transformation

You and your movements

The things that you do or don't do

This is our issue

We move like beast

Sex starved

Conflict driven

This is our territory

And as we tell those to be gone

This is how we seal our fate

And spit on our faith


The thunders of war

Are the sounds that hit the drums in the ears of the people we try to convince our actions aren't what they saw

Since 9/11 do you know how many civilians we have killed

Do you know the feelings left inside their loved ones

The feelings we use to justify further murder

Its sickness the american Christians

No one fighting a holy war everyone allowing a real one

What about the God of the wounded child

The god of the slain mother

What hurt have we caused god itself for the life we have taken

How much crying will happen tomorrow and the next day and the next

When do we tell our soldiers to stop?

If the answer is when they change

Then Jesus never existed


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