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Type Love (rough)

Thoughts drift to an imagined love

A desired love

A craved love

A necessary love

An intense love

Passionate, unyielding love

That I-woke-up-from-dreams-of-you-to-reality-of-you love

That warm fuzzy feeling love

That Sunday dinner love

ya know the shit that sticks to ya ribs love

That hold you tighter til my limbs ache from the pressure though I don’t dare let go type love

That memorized how you like your coffee the same hue as you and just as sweet type love

That loving your little quirks like how you only set the volume to even numbers type love.

That scratch yo’ scalp and massage yo temples love

That stumble over my words because I’m so excited to see you type love

The kind of love that makes me write corny ass love poems bout the better half of this whole me

We don’t complete each other but our cups runneth over together

Teamwork making dreams work type love

That pure shit.

We amplifying the best parts of we

Work don’t feel like work when working on us.

We build.

Solid foundations and security type love


That Blackity Black ass love

That “damn if yall don’t go on somewhere with all that cute shit” love

That big leagues, championship game love. Everything else before it was just practice.

And I’m done practicing.


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