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The western occult tradition

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Here it is the magic of the western occult tradition in all its glory:

having prophesied the destruction of cities with weapons made of hellfire

we still used them

And this is us, refurbishing them, making them shiny once again

But surely given the world wars we wouldn't be about to fight another one

Given the possible lessons, what can you say we have learned from the last 500 years

Well It's still on the lips of the people, that this is the end

500 years of utopian talk

We survive the great war

And here it is still the end

So many billions of humans have been birthed since the divine conflict

How many know why it really happened

Has the killing ever stopped

So here we are right where we started

With spears pointed at each others tribes, holding them at bay while we live out our myths

Guns are more accurate and propaganda stronger but here we are

Oohing and ahhing screeching and hollering

Dancing around the fire with our friends drinking pretending what is in the dark

Mobilizing during the day in a stupor from the night before

This is it alchemy, here it is Christianity, here it is love

No, here it is, the truth!

None of those ever existed because we have never put them into practice

The body counts are too high and the lies to low for anything holy to have happened

And this is why there have been no great men or women of the west

Just liars and thieves, murders, rapist and the lazy

As long as the meat grinder is what it is and the suffering of others predicates our enjoyment of life it's a dirty shame what we think of ourselves

With the technology of the future this is us still playing out the past

This is the western tradition, kill thy neighbor and laugh with thine friends.

Or is it…..

What if I make the actions you do not? What if given Christianity, The Constitution of the United States of America, The Western Tradition act out what is necessary to call myself those things and you do not? It makes you a monster in the face of a world coming into being that is better for people not yourself. If you hit me I should turn my cheek, and if you do it again and again then eventually you have hit someone who is not fighting back. If our actions matter at all then Martin Luther King Jr is one of the greatest Western Christians who have ever existed. If the sermon on the mount matters at all then who is the one person we have within our american story that embodies the ideology to such a degree he acted it out? How civil rights was won was with a magic brought forth by the correct sacrifices. How racist evil humans have been shown to be horrible humans is that they fought the idea that other homo sapiens can be human beings. Inside the western tradition is the singular question of what is the nature of the individual, from this answer forward we can build a type of world that respects the individual. The theory of individuality, the science of what it means to individuate are the full thesis of the western tradition. The more we look towards abstract ideas like the state we give up our ability to understand the very real consequences of our actions. The ideas that I think and the actions I make have a very special relationship to each other, if my ideas matter more than my actions then good people are allowed to commit any act they want and remain good, if actions matter more than my thoughts then no one can kill anyone. The western tradition argues that what I choose to do with my actions determines who I am as a person, each of the branches of thought that are the grounds of the tradition ask each of us to walk our own path towards the redemption not only of homo sapiens, but of a universe that is seemingly of suffering.

What we are supposed to do as western people are to give up our homo sapien like ways for a type of action made by something called a human. The act of giving up our biological instincts and urges for a reasoned and worked on future is what it means to reach a higher state of existence. Transcendence is us thinking what it would take beyond our genetics, beyond our biology to achieve something different. The western tradition takes serious the individual role in existence because that is the only way to collectively achieve something beyond rule by others. There is a type of existence available to all humans at any point to be able to teach homo sapiens what it is really like to give up what it means to be a homo sapien for what could be if there were humans. The difference between homo sapiens and human is a difference between different philosophical branches and their attempts to organize thought about the world. Homo sapiens comes from the taxonomic model of life. The concept of Humanity and humans come from a philosophical tradition aimed at bringing about a world where individuals take on a state of being that is not one they were birthed with. The urges, instincts, thoughts, feelings we have about life can vary wildly, and in face of that there is something we as individuals can do, which is think about how murder, rape and stealing affect others. The fact that humans can commit atrocities against each other is the cycle of history, we build up, we forget the total sacrifices of those who built what we were born in to and use their work to build tools to play out our genetics. To murder the tribe next to us is the easy solution to peace, but given what we are as an animal we are all connected to each other and to kill all of the tribes that are not us will never solve the issue of what our children will do without us. We teach them by not living up to what we could be, or accepting what we are and not accepting the future as anything other than determined. Our choice to not is at the heart of the legal systems of the world, those who do not will not be punished, and those who do act out certain things will face certain actions themselves.

Corruption is homo sapiens using their language to mask their actions. Guilty means you did the act, even if you do not get caught the only thing you are is an example of what not to be. The battle between good and bad is laid out this way: There are those who will never do push ups and say they do and want all the internal feelings that someone who did get push ups has. Jealousy, laziness, hate are the marks of an intelligent being, if I can get someone else to do the work I have punished them for being less than myself. I can hate how much they organize against me and be jealous of what them because they love each other and not myself, the superior being, but this only what our genetics gives us. Why would creatures steeped in survival, programed through time care about anything else? This paradox is what humans are, we accept that we should not exist and act out that existence anyway. Homo sapiens are a set of actions predicated off genetics and its interaction with the environment. Humanity comes from the negation of the types of feelings that come from our genetics. The difference between humans and animals is that humans think about the consequences of their actions deeply and work towards particular future sacrificing most of their internal world for an external reality. Animals include homo sapiens, if we are to have a language system that works we have to keep track of our words. Humanity is the acceptance of what will not come in to being if we accept what we are biologically. From the acceptance of what will not happen without a certain type of participation we can guide ourselves to a place what will not happen actually happens. No one was supposed to run faster than 10 seconds in the hundred meter race, and if we accept the historical example as metaphor it's the sacrifices of those who accepted that something has not happened but could. When the rest of us give up people who win gold medals do what is asked of each homo sapien to be a human, they see the future and do not accept what they are and keep going towards what they will be. Foot races are an easy metaphor to see what it takes be different from our homo sapien selfs, every time you stop because of all the noise from your nervous systems telling you this isn't survival it would best to stop now because you do not really need to be doing this you, you lose. You lose at winning what you set out to get after, you lost at overcoming your genetics for your own humanity. The argument is a hard one to understand given the unclear nature of our current world but example after example can be given of individuals who fit the criteria, and we can either accept they exist our we can deny our own humanity.

Each of us has a choice, and it is in that choice that we can bring in to being a world that should not exist given the variables, this is what faith means when people say. The issue with hearing the word faith now is that its a word that has been learned by homo sapiens to organize against humanity. The priest now are not humans, they are dirty homo sapiens who have learned how to do what they want to do in light of humans existing. Humanity is a battle against homo sapiens destroying priesthoods fucking children and prostituting women. You can satisfy your sexual urges in anyway you choose to, or you could use that time to think about a world that could exist if you were not taking advantage of people and really acting out what you say you do. I can think about my neighbors wife every single day while I masturbate and if the day comes she is weak and comes to me I will be a homo sapien. If I have morality I understand that what I practice in my head I am likely to do in reality, and if I say no to myself when it comes to masturbaing to her Im more likely to not actually sleep with her. The consequences that comes from having sex with my neighbors wife and not if we got caught are the reasons I should consider in why or why I should not do something. If I want a world that is better to come about where neighbors can be trusted then I have to participate in the world that could be by a trusting neighbor, and if I would not want something done to me then it's easy to understand what my neighbors do not want done to them. If I do things to others I do not want done to myself then I am making an argument about my suruvial instead of the survival of the project of humanity. The denial of humanity is when homo sapiens put on the symbols of humans to achieve sensory pleasure. A suit who steals money, a preist who fucks children, a cop who steals, a doctor who practices medicine differently to different people are all homo sapiens not taking serious what it means to take an oath. An oath is your choice to be a human, you are given a task that has to be fulfilled as if you are a human, and when you do not sufferings grasp on the world strengthens and humanities grip on the world finds a slippery surface. There is a world that could be as much as there is a world that will never be, alcoholics make this argument with their daily struggle to be anything other than an alcoholic.

The western occult tradition is a tradition that has learned how to deal with homo sapiens, Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the greatest examples we have available to ourselves a people alive today. As homo sapiens beat on other homo sapiens calling them every name other than human they proved they were the ones who weren't humans and what it really takes to be one in the United States with Christian beliefs. Martin Luther King Jr showed us what it is like to turn the other cheek, to give up their clothing, and to sacrifice their lives as an example against evil homo sapiens. What we learned from MLK is that every homo sapien has a choice to make and that there will be homo sapiens who hate and rage and war, and that there are humans who will remind everyone of the humanity is still coming in to being is about. The tradition of the occult is there to make us strong enough to do the right thing in the face of the evil world that exist because of our denial of another reality that we are in charge of. The best Occultist move in such silence their work is only shown in the great temple built across many human ages, the evil homo sapiens are to busy with themselves to ever see what it is we are actually doing. People like King are merely the esoteric figures in a simplified story that shadows all of those who did the real work. Humanity is not people like King but all of the homo sapiens that understood the opportunity to be something more, to build a world better for children who we will never met to grow in to people we are not. The hundreds of millions of humans required to really change something like Martin Luther King did is what a proper tradition is about, someone steps forward and makes a scene while everyone else moves silently to cause profound change. Every individual who chose to embody the tradition of civil rights accepted the argument that all homo sapiens are to be treated as if they were humans. Every human against civil rights and against the constitution are making an argument that not all homo sapiens are are humans. The Germans during the holocaust treated the Jews as if they were not humans by denying them citizenship, the deep argument is that they the pure species were the only real humans. The hijacking of the project of humanity by evil people is what totalitarianism, fascism, and genocide share in common.

If you want to make the argument that genetics includes how people act fully and that there is not some sort of feedback loop between text and yourself then why are you reading? Are you determined to read this sentence calling you a fucking moron, or do you choose to keep reading to find out what is happening? What are we doing right now, are we in some weird aside from the rest of the text or are we entered into a dialogue aimed at the modification of our behavior beyond what has been genetically capable so far? What we are doing here is you are reading and I am writing in such a way as to point to something important called choice. The choice available all homo sapiens is to be humans, while there are other things we can be human has a very special narrative. It seems the relationship between the stories we tell, the language we speak and our genetics is one of genetic modification. That given our relationship to animals and their non-relationship to reading and our relationship to the entire program of reading and writing allows us to see what it means to give up our genetics in favor of something else. There are those of us who read, and those of us who do, even if you want to fit reading into a model of genetics we have to take in to consideration the relationship between the text and the difference in movements two animals make. Homo sapiens and humans are the same thing except in the fact that humans reject their homo sapien nature for a world that could be, the difference being in action, humans and homo sapiens act differently. How a human acts differently from homo sapiens is found in how they relate with the world, just in the movement set found in reading and not reading we can see how much actions differ between homo sapiens and humans. If the stories that humans are reading are about the transformation of homo sapiens in to something they are not then what is genetics saying about ourselves given the popularity of such text and the argument of genetic determinism? It seems free will and the acceptance of what could be is what genetics is after. We tell our story about how we are different from the animals and if you do not act different then how can you be different given the issue of biological grounding? If Genetics is the only thing that created this text then you have a choice then it is having a conversation with itself about what should be done given it exist, and that the project of humanity is what it is after.

The feelings I have in me come from my biology and when modified a certain way allow me to achieve something I choose to achieve or at least have the ability to live with the type of reaction my nervous system will give me having failed at the attempt. What we are looking at is the feedback loop of ourselves, how we in the strangest way have the ability to self modify, and what it really means to self modify. We can build a world where the only response we can have is we all become soldiers, or slaves, or this or that, or we can all become free people, the type of subtle care needed to reach one place instead of the other is the message in all of our stories. There are those of us who have read and there are those of us who have not, the same goes for all of the stones moved to build houses, all of the love given to strangers, all of the movements made by those who have accepted the reality of their own participation in the universe itself. There have always been those who deny the reality that exist where our futures are determined by ourselves, they have always made excuses as to why things failed instead of learn why they failed and then try the attempt again given their growth. The United States and Martin Luther King Jr can be our ability to learn from the past and grow as humans, we can take serious the example laid out in the lives of the American peoples as they have grown from barborus brutes to best example so far as to what could be. To assume we have achieved our final form is to make the ultimate mistake, the one hinted at in utopian stories, there is no rest for our kind we must always be diligent we must always be building. Inside every story that can be told about the past is a hint about what the future could be like. It does not matter if we have an infinite way of interpreting any phenomena, when it comes to homo sapiens becoming humans and the past being real in relationship to the future we understand the why of every text written and thus their ultimate narrative, homo sapiens do not like to suffer and all forms of suffering require us to make some action towards. You can deny, negate, or reinterpret the statement “do not put your hand on a very hot stove” to mean anything you want, but if you have a hand and you shut up and try out the thesis in do not touch otherwise you will find out that you can trust the knowledge of others and their interpretations of reality are correct. Even if you dip your hand in water and touch the stove very fast as to not get burned utilizing certain rational principles of the universe its irrational that you can interpret that you should dip your hand in water before an event, why not touch the stove then dip your hand in water? And just like that we are all smarter than we act all everyday, we all are dealing with our talent of survival, it's easier to lie cheat and steal, to make claims on unintelligibility than it is to do the work to build a pyramid, or a home, or a nation. Homo sapiens do not trust others because it's easier to survive that way, humans do the hard thing because they understand that is what survival really is.

To save Humanity, The West, and the Constitution we have to understand how they allow us to survive in ways we would not without them. This is the ability reading and writing gives each homo sapien, to understand what the world would be like if there were not people like them trying to be humans. This is what humanity, the west and the constitution allows us to do which is be things we are not. Humanity ask us to love where we hate, the west ask us to think when it easier not to, the constitution reminds us the abuse of power of others and what they should not do given they’ve been asked to lead in a certain way. Human history is a story of acceptance and of negation, we accept that the world is a certain way which means it's not a much different way, we understand what is needed from each of us given our limitations and how if we simultaneously accept and negate what we are we can find a new world to live in. What we have learned is that each of us can take upon the wrong ways of being. We live in a world that took great sacrifice that sacrifice is laid out in one of our first stories Cain and Abel, Cain never learned that what Able was sacrificing that pleased god was the bullshit attitude we can all have towards our own existence. That Cain like ourselves was a homo sapien and Able was doing his best to a human and Cain failed to be a human when he failed to sacrifice who he is for who he could be. We live in a world where people understood this story and lived out their lives while pointing back to it. Inside each of the narratives that have survived history are the stories of how we as individuals can understand what we are capable of doing. The world we live in is saved only when we choose to live in the world as humans and not homo sapiens. Our future is a battle on these grounds, grounds where homo sapiens maim, attack and belittle humans who understand their role in making this universe what it is. The attackers, violent homo sapiens who refuse to negotiate are always going to be there, they will steal the clothes of priest and fuck children, they will steal the spotlight and tell you how much the world can not change trying to convince you the evil in the world is there to stay, and what we have to do is fight them, like Martin Luther King Jr did, where they hate we will love fully. Forgiveness is what it takes to be a western person, and a human being, what we have been working on for thousands of years is how to forgive ourselves and others for existing as we do and learning from what we aren’t. What we can be is something that spans the stars or we can fight here on earth with each other like animals.


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