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  • Kris

The Secret

Let me fill you in on something raw

Something that's sacred, something that fills your soul in awe

Something that can't be found through opinions or other's fears or flaws

Something that's real, that's law, things that you never saw

God's gift is the greatest

It transforms nations and turns nights into day shifts

It breathes love and wisdom that leads to day dreams

Dreams about how heaven really could be

When we seek His glory we find the holy grail

The path that He has destined for our unbalanced scale

When we seek peace we find prosperity

More power and presence in our obscurities

The life we live is never our own

It's God's gift that He sent the throne

The secret isn't safe but it's worthy in His hands

We cannot measure His worthiness but will always be in His plans

This is real, this is raw

This is God's gift, this is law

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