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The Rooted Minds Blog | Summer 2020 Poetry Contest

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Hi blog family, we want to step up our game with the blog's poetry contest. Just 9 days ahead of Summer, we are excited to announce the Summer 2020 contest.

Since 2012, we have given writers and brand supporters the platform to create more poetry. This season we've teamed up with BRAVO to help make the prizes more enticing and the experience much better, check out the images below and drop your poems. - check out their website and learn more about this awesome company.

BRAVO recently released an update that really takes the BRAVO experience to the next level. Be sure to download the app in order to receieve your cash prize.

TOPIC: The Voice of Today!

Wherever you are in the world, the communities are voicing their concerns, how would you interpret it all? What's important to your community? How do people feel right now, where you are?

Two simple rules,

1. Poems must be at least 100 words or more

2. A writer can submit up to 2 poems by July 20th on

Quick Tips,

  1. Poems will be judged on creativity, relevance, originality, and impact.

  2. Bonus points to writers who use poetic forms.

So how do you enter the contest?

1. Pay $2 submission fee to the Rooted Minds Blog using the BRAVO app. (e-mail for alternate payment options) -- Our BRAVO code is shqx or search: Rooted Minds Blog

2. Submit your poem(s) online to

  • If you pay your submission fees using the BRAVO app, then be sure to select "manual payment" when you submit your poem(s) on our site. This way you are not forced to pay twice! (As a back up, you can email your poem(s) over to us directly at

Cash Prize! Cash Prize!

With up to $300 in cash Prizes, this is an opportunity that you just can't miss!

REMEMBER: The cash will be paid out through the BRAVO app, so you have to download it and set up an account to get paid. It's an amazing time to start sharing your voices with the people. Visit the app store or

A huge thank you to our BRAVO family for hopping on board our Poetry Contest. It is important to all of us to inspire the writing community and encourage creatives all over to keep telling their stories. The world is in a very vulnerable place, so it's important to give creatives the platform to voice their feelings. With the help of our BRAVO family our poetry contest should be the talk of the summer.

Be sure to download the BRAVO app, you'll need it to send in your submission fees and to receive your cash when you WIN!

If you are having trouble setting up your bravo account you can submit your fees directly on the form located on our I Am Root website - - (shqx)

We will be able to take your payment on the I Am Root website, but if you win, you will need a BRAVO account to get your money!


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